Seven reasons to invest in Georgia

Why invest in Georgia? The summary of the main advantages.
Published at 23/12/2019

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Georgia has long established itself as a hospitable, welcoming country, as a kind of oasis for tourists, where at one time you can enjoy the merger of 4 climatic zones. A lot has been told about Georgia for tourists, from winemaking to the mountain hills and the beauty of the Black Sea coast. But there are not so many reviews and recommendations, verified data about the unique investment benefits for the investor.

Our team decided to focus on the summary of investment benefits, so we created a special category - Real estate investment in Georgia, where we collected expert opinions, investor feedback, recommendations, and analytical market review.

Earlier, we considered the advantages of purchasing real estate in Batumi, and in particular, we revealed the issue of investment Georgia for Russians.

To the reviews that we have provided in these publications, today we want to add some key benefits of investing in Georgia as a country for life, business, investment.

Seven reasons to invest in Georgia — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

7 reasons to invest in Georgia

1) Affordable prices

By the seaside, with the opportunity to buy real estate for $ 30,000 is a unique combination of low investment at the beginning and a short payback period.  

2) Lack of bureaucracy

The Ministry of Justice of Georgia operates on the principle of a “one-stop-shop” principle. Up to 350 administrative services can be obtained in the space, which is provided to both citizens and foreigners. Since February 2018, the Ministry of Justice has been working with blockchain technology. The process of purchasing real estate with cryptocurrency is possible. For reference - GEOLN.COM started first in Georgia to carry out the purchase and sale of real estate with cryptocurrency. It is possible to register the ownership within one day. The whole procedure is absolutely transparent.

3) Easy purchase, easy search

To find real estate in Georgia from a developer and an owner is very easy, just put in the search system the parameters by which you are looking for real estate - It is also worth mentioning the ease of registration, purchase. You can buy real estate online, remotely, as well as in the service tour of the review of real estate from GEOLN.COM. Please note that investors are provided with 100% cashback, refund, on all service costs, flights, transfers, accommodation and meals. Read more about how to get cashback on flights to Georgia on the website AVIA.GEOLN.COM. There is also an investor support program that allows you to take out a mortgage from a bank. The loan term is up to 10 years for residents of the country.

4) Residence permit

In the case of property acquisition, in the amount of $ 35,000, the investor receives a residence permit, as well as members of his family receive a residence permit. Read more about how to get a residence permit in Georgia through the purchase of the real estate in the review of GEOLN.COM - here.

5) Tourist boom

Over the past 5 years, the number of tourists in Georgia has grown from 2.4 million people to 8 million. These are tourists who provide the main demand for hotel rooms and apartment rentals. About the opportunities of generating income read in the review for investors.

6) No property tax

There is no property tax in Georgia. In the international ranking with the lowest tax burden on real estate, Georgia ranked 9th.

7) Free business

According to the World Bank rating, Georgia ranks 3rd among 189 countries in terms of ease and simplicity of doing business.


Georgia is an attractive country for life and business. According to, real estate prices in Georgia are rising by an average of 8-10%. Commercial real estate by 10-15%. If your goal is to purchase real estate in order to generate the income - Georgia is definitely worth considering.

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