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Object ID: 849
Finished at April 2019
Price, m2 From 1314$
Housing class No
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Installment plan
Bank mortgage
Property type Residential complex
Square from 204.00 m2
Floors 2
Building phase Completed
Condition Turnkey
Construction type Monolyth
Security CCTV
Conveniences Parking
Kids playground
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About the project

You have a chance to become an owner of a limited amount of luxury villas, and a preferred member of Schuchmann family. “Schuchmann Wine Luxury Villas” directly connected to the territory of “Schuchmann Wines Chateau & SPA” — which is a fantastic investment opportunity in leisure! Exclusive villas, designed in a luxury chateau-style with full infrastructure and management from “Schuchmann Group”, allow you to gain high yield from the demanded tourist destination of Kakheti! The villas are located in a protected area of 9 hectares, where they are surrounded by vineyards. The villas have beautiful views of the Caucasus Mountains and the Alazani Valley. Here you will find an ecologically clean, moderately humid subtropical climate, a hot summer & moderately cold winter. The average annual temperature is 12°С, absolute maximum is 39°С, with annual precipitations equal to 700-800 mm. A comfortable private garden will be laid out around each villa on a territory of 600-800 m2, with decorative plants and vineyards. On the territory of the chateau are located a swimming pool, tennis court, walking paths, as well as a wine SPA, where you can experience the miraculous power of wine on your body. Each villa is constructed with architecture and interior design characteristics of the Kakheti region, which also includes modern elements. Construction materials of interior and exterior include vintage elements of Georgian authentic materials from the 19th century, such as river stone, Georgian brick, and wood, which create a special atmosphere and is marked with the highest exclusiveness. Furniture design was created especially for this project and has no analogs in the world.


“Schuchmann Wines” была основана в 2008 году немецким филантропом и предпринимателем Буркхардом Шухманном в самом сердце винодельческой Груз…
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s. Kisishevi, Old Tbilisi District


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