How to buy a property using crowdfunding?

Life hacks from GEOLN experts, how to buy a property with a limited budget.
Published at 17/07/2020

One of the most modern inventions in the real estate market, if your budget for housing is very limited – a collective investment. Crowdfunding is a great alternative to mortgages and installments. You immediately become one of the owners of housing along with other buyers-investors and get the opportunity to live in an apartment for a certain period of the year. This is a very popular practice for purchasing resort properties that are not intended for permanent residence.

In fact, several people buy real estate on the spot, and can use it at their own discretion – to live on their own or rent it out for income. Thus, you can own real estate in different parts of the world and use it for free during your vacation, or rent it to tourists.

How to buy a property using crowdfunding? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

Crowdfunding is popular in many countries of the world and now it is gaining momentum in Georgia. GEOLN.COM became the first international crowdfunding platform in the country, providing an opportunity to find real estate objects with the possibility of collective investment. We have already conducted more than 100 such transactions and are ready to advise you on all the nuances of this form of ownership. Learn more about real estate crowdfunding from GEOLN.COM here

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