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Batumi Hills
Batumi Hills
1600$ — 2500$ / m2
ID: 480 | 9 floors

New buildings in Kakhaberi district (Batumi)

The Kakhaberi district covers an area from Varshanidze and Khakhuli streets up to the mountains, rises to the slopes, borders on the Boni-town, and it adjoins the airport area on the opposite side.

This region is not a tourist area: the sea is not close, housing is mainly the private sector, there is no entertainment infrastructure. However, it is quite interesting primarily for those who have decided to live here permanently.

Unconditional advantages:

  • relative privacy,
  • Mountain air,
  • abundance of greenery (woodland, fruit trees in private gardens),
  • availability of resort infrastructure and the sea within 15-25 minutes by public transport (buses No. 7, 15, fixed-route taxis)
  • medical center with balneological procedures (mineral waters).

The region includes the former villages of the Khelvachauri municipality: Makhvilauri, Shavlidze, Mejinistskali, Kakhabri, Indjalo, Todogauri, Zeda Gele, Urekhi and Feria.

On Mount Anuria (250 m above sea level) there is the upper station of the cable car and the cultural and entertainment center Argo, where there are retail outlets, restaurants and cafes with national cuisine, live music and Georgian dances. The design of the building has the shape of a sailing ship and nautical symbols, which creates the feeling of being on a ship of Argonauts on their way to Georgia. The observation deck offers beautiful views of the original new buildings, mountains and the sea. The length of the road is about 2,600 meters, 9 closed cabins (capacity - 8 people) move along it at a speed of 5 m/sec. This is the longest cable car in Europe.

How to find residential complexes in the Kakhaberi district for purchase

According to the information of the international real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, there’s one residential complex under construction in the Kakhaberi region.

GEOLN.COM offers to make a choice of a new building object for investment by filters:

 ✔ Country: Georgia

 ✔ City: Batumi

 ✔ District: Kakhaberi


 And ... the list of new buildings is ready!

You can find this information on the page of each new building project:

  • specifications,
  • prices,
  • location,
  • infrastructure.

Additionally, you can request floor plans in the new buildings.

The minimum price for one square meter of the area in the Kakhaberi district of Batumi is $ 1,600.

It is possible to buy an apartment from a developer in the Kakhaberi district of Batumi (premium-class apartments) in a turnkey condition (renovation, furnishings, household appliances are included ).

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