Dreamland Oasis in Batumi: property from developer

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Prices, from: 1600$/m2

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The DREAMLAND OASIS project in Adjara is carried out with the participation of the largest European investment. Sak Tur Kurort, the project management company, was founded in 2007. The company owns the DREAMLAND OASIS hotel, around which the development of the DREAMLAND OASIS residential complex is carried out.

The founders of Sak Tur Kurort are the Austrian companies Esten Forwarding Holding and Alberta, which own 91.7% of the company, the remaining 8.3% is held by a private person. According to PKF International, the capital of Sak Tur Kurort is $ 21.800.000. 

In addition to DREAMLAND OASIS, Sak Tur Kurort owns vast land plots throughout Georgia. Upon completion of the DREAMLAND project, the company plans to build residential complexes in Tbilisi and other regions of Georgia.


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