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Osiers Square
Osiers Square
From 8740$ / m2
ID: 15393 | 14 floors
Palace View
Palace View
From 14250$ / m2
ID: 15380 | 9 floors
From 9240$ / m2
ID: 15379 | 5 floors
The Lane
From 9115$ / m2
ID: 15378 | 6 floors
Hale Works
Hale Works
From 10265$ / m2
ID: 15374 | 32 floors
Stratford Mill
Stratford Mill
From 10300$ / m2
ID: 15373 | 14 floors
Wembley Parade
Wembley Parade
From 10387$ / m2
ID: 15372 | 12 floors
Anthology Hoxton Press
Anthology Hoxton Press
From 14957$ / m2
ID: 15371 | 20 floors
Deptford Foundry
Deptford Foundry
From 9122$ / m2
ID: 15370 | 8 floors
New Providence Wharf
New Providence Wharf
From 10450$ / m2
ID: 15358 | 3 floors
Mill Harbour
Mill Harbour
From 11111$ / m2
ID: 15357 | 40 floors
From 10120$ / m2
ID: 15356 | 17 floors
Bishopsgate Goodsyard
Bishopsgate Goodsyard
From 11500$ / m2
ID: 15355 | 9 floors
Royal Wharf
Royal Wharf
From 12210$ / m2
ID: 15354 | 9 floors
The Verdean
The Verdean
From 12500$ / m2
ID: 15353 | 25 floors
Blackhorse Lane
Blackhorse Lane
From 9230$ / m2
ID: 15352 | 7 floors
Sutton Court Road
Sutton Court Road
From 8740$ / m2
ID: 15351 | 3 floors
The Old Town Hall
The Old Town Hall
From 8870$ / m2
ID: 15350 | 4 floors
Christopher Boone's
Christopher Boone's
From 8850$ / m2
ID: 15348 | 3 floors
From 9560$ / m2
ID: 15347 | 7 floors
The Place
The Place
From 8690$ / m2
ID: 15344 | 5 floors
Northern Heights
Northern Heights
From 9100$ / m2
ID: 15343 | 6 floors
From 10250$ / m2
ID: 15342 | 4 floors
High Street Wealdstone
High Street Wealdstone
From 7250$ / m2
ID: 15341 | 5 floors

New buildings in London (the UK)

City on the map

London is the capital and largest city of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, located on the flat territory of the London Basin. The Thames River flows through the city from the southwest to the east and flows into the North Sea.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in a new building of London?

London was ranked 4th among the most prosperous cities in the world according to the UN in 2012 (after Vienna, New York and Toronto) and, regardless of the formal ranking in subsequent years, this is the confirmation of the capital's high position. London is one of the most respected leading cities on the list to this day, that is, it simply cannot but be attractive for investment. There is a huge number of international trading companies in the jurisdiction of the city, people with super-large capital live and do business here, influencing many processes.

The following industries are developed in London: information technology, mechanical engineering, light industry, food, oil refining, petrochemical, printing, etc. In addition, there is also a port, which was the largest in the world, now - one of the leading in the UK.

Tourism is also very important here: visitors of this city leave billions of pounds here every year. In terms of popularity among tourists, the city is second only to Paris in Europe, although some experts dispute this, proving that London is still the first. The Tower, Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, St Margaret's Church, Greenwich Building and Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew) are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Transport infrastructure in London is well developed. The work of public transport is organized by the municipal service, which operates buses, metro, trams, and also licenses city taxis and water public transport. A cable car across the Thames connects the Greenwich Peninsula with the Royal Docks area. Bicycle rental is also well-organized. Train stations are located around the city center, which are mostly terminal railway stations. London has 6 airports, two of which (Heathrow and City Airport) are located within the city.

There are over 40 universities in London providing education to about 400 thousand students.

Like any metropolis, London is not devoid of crime, but effective police work allows all visiting tourists and locals to feel calm and confident.

The climate in London is temperate maritime, mild winters and warm summers, precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year. The comfortable climate, as in the whole of Western Europe, is associated with the impact of the oceanic current of the Gulf Stream.

There are many new buildings in London. Currently, in the city itself and its suburbs, there is a wide selection of new housing in the residential complexes, which is available for purchase "off plan", that is, the sale of apartments from developers is carried out at the initial stage. This method of investing in residential complexes in London is common in the UK real estate market and provides an opportunity to receive a stable income.

When purchasing an apartment at the construction stage, the buyer makes a deposit of 10 to 30%. The rest of the cost is paid only after the completion of construction and commissioning of the house. Usually, the developer gives the buyer the right to sell his property even before the completion of the project, which makes it possible to profit from the rise in prices for real estate in London in a new building during this period. Average price growth is 7-10% per year.

Buying an apartment from a developer in London in a new home means getting a quality guarantee from the National Housing Commission. You can use a mortgage, the size of which for non-residents can be up to 70% of the cost.

The minimum price per square meter of an apartment in a new building of London from a developer, handed over in a turnkey condition (according to the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine) is 1,200$.

Purchase of an apartment in a new building by foreign citizens

There are no restrictions on the purchase of real estate for non-residents in the UK. Foreigners can freely purchase apartments in London from a developer.

London landmarks

  • Big Ben;
  • Tower and Tower Bridge;
  • Trafalgar Square;
  • Ferris wheel London Eye;
  • Westminster Palace;
  • Buckingham Palace;
  • Kensington Palace;
  • The house of Charles Dickens;
  • Westminster Abbey;
  • St Paul's Cathedral;
  • The British museum;
  • The National Gallery;
  • British gallery Tate;
  • Hyde Park;
  • museums of: science, Madame Tussauds, Sherlock Holmes, childhood, natural history;
  • Theater Royal Drury Lane, Covent Garden;
  • The Globe Theatre;
  • Albert Hall;
  • Wembley Stadium.

Purchasing an apartment in a new building in London is an investment in perhaps the most business oriented city, dictating its will to the world of business and politics for centuries. Living here means gaining a special high status for yourself and all the advantages of working in such a symbolic place and the city that is bound to be successful.

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