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Real estate in new builds from developers of United Kingdom

Willow Fields
Willow Fields
From 1910$ / m2
ID: 21899 | 2 floors | Townhouse
Cysgod Y Graig
Cysgod Y Graig
From 3300$ / m2
ID: 21898 | 2 floors | Townhouse
Fairbrook Grove
Fairbrook Grove
From 3980$ / m2
ID: 16659 | 3 floors
Perceval House
Perceval House
From 8450$ / m2
ID: 16137 | 6 floors
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Resale property from owners in United Kingdom

Apartments in the big city of Great Britain, England, Liverpool
Apartments in the big city of Great Britain, England, Liverpool
ID: 21225 | 22 m2 | Apartment
UK Flat, England, London
UK Flat, England, London
ID: 20942 | 40 m2 | Apartment

Real estate in the United Kingdom

Location, climate, and economy

Great Britain is located on two large islands - Great Britain, Ireland (north-eastern part) and on smaller ones - the British Isles, bordered by the Atlantic, the English Channel, the Celtic, Irish, North Seas. The country is a member of the UN, NATO, left the EU after a referendum in 2016.

The climate is temperate oceanic, with rainfall throughout the year.

Temperature conditions: rarely below -12°C and above +35°C. The Atlantic brings cold and wet weather, however, the eastern part of the country, protected from these winds, is the driest. The warm Gulf Stream softens winters (snow falls, but melts quickly).

The country's economy is based on financial services (more than 70% of GDP), in particular London is the most important financial center of the world economy, along with New York and Tokyo, its GDP is the largest in Europe. The contribution of tourism is also significant (more than 7% of GDP), the capital is visited by many guests. Automotive production is one of the main industries in the industrial sector, and the aviation and pharmaceutical industries also play an important role.

UK real estate market

The price of real estate in the UK is growing, this figure increased by 10% in the first half of 2022. This growth is due to the growing demand for real estate in the UK amid weak supply. The National Bank of Great Britain raised the key mortgage rate (this measure was intended to somewhat cool the overheated real estate market), however, the expected effect did not happen - the heat does not subside. Experts recommend investing right now.

Residential real estate in the UK is more popular, especially apartments (buyers are returning to the idea of urban life in residential complexes). A distinctive feature of recent months has been a slow but steady increase in supply, which creates conditions for a balanced market in the medium term. Reviews confirm the compliance of newly built facilities with construction quality standards.

The cost of real estate in the UK (per sq.m):

  • apartments - from 2000-2500 euros;
  • house - from 1500-2000 euros;
  • commercial real estate - from 2000 euros;
  • land plots - from 10 euros.

Given the significant dynamics of price changes, it is necessary to use only information that is relevant at the time of the request.

Property types for sale

The following types are on the market:

  • residential (primary, secondary) - apartments, houses, villas, townhouses, etc.,
  • commercial fund (hotels, shops, warehouses, offices, etc.),
  • land plots.

UK real estate website

The sale of real estate in the UK is regulated in detail by law, transactions are transparent and safe, but in order to minimize risks when concluding transactions, it is advisable to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations. The real estate website GEOLN.COM (with a convenient search interface) contains a catalog of real estate in the UK with verified objects.

Buying property in the UK by foreigners (nuances)

Foreign buyers have the right to buy an object of any area and type without restrictions. The object can be purchased in free possession or long-term lease. The purchase itself does not guarantee obtaining a residence permit or citizenship of the country. However, there are special investment offers.

Buying property in the UK is beneficial for obtaining high rental income, living in a country that has the status of a global financial center with great business opportunities.

Real estate prices in United Kingdom

CityPrice from
Aylesbury 4,250$ / m2
Bracknell 6,000$ / m2
Chelmsford 4,000$ / m2
London 1,200$ / m2
Maidenhead 5,400$ / m2
Maidstone 2$ / m2
Milton Keynes 4,733$ / m2
Reading 5,410$ / m2
Wokingham 5,700$ / m2
manchester 3$ / m2

Real estate in cities of United Kingdom

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