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Project info

Object ID: 13556
Finished at September 2021
Price, m2 From 880$
Housing class No
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Installment plan
Bank mortgage
Property type Aparment building
Square from 19.00 m2
Floors 5
Apartments 50
Condition Black walls
Ceiling height 3.00 m.
Construction type Monolyth
Security CCTV
Conveniences Parking
Commercial area
Kids playground
Near school
Near kindergarten
Near supermarket
Near hospital
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About the project

Comfort Hall - a low-rise residential complex in the format of a club house 15 minutes by car from the center of Odessa. The project provides two-level apartments and spacious apartments of various sizes with their own front gardens and outdoor terraces. The interior of the yard will be closed to cars, additionally arranged and equipped with children's playgrounds and outdoor recreation areas.


Next to the complex is the Lustdorf road, which runs several public transport routes: 5 minutes walk from trams №3, №13, №26, №27, №31 and minibuses №7, №124, №127, №146, № 150, №221. Odessa International Airport and the train station are a 13-minute drive away, and the Central Bus Station is a 20-minute drive away.

The Comfort Hall residential complex is being built in an area where new residential buildings are appearing one after another, and with them new objects of commercial and social infrastructure: shops, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, kindergartens and schools. Comfort Hall will also have its own commercial infrastructure.

For the comfort of the residents of the Comfort Hall, several shops will be located on the ground floor of the complex. You can also buy products near the house in the supermarkets "ATB-Market" - 5 minutes on foot, "Tavria B" - 14 minutes on foot, as well as located in 4-7 minutes by car supermarkets "Silpo", "Nenazhera", "Kopeyka" »And in another supermarket« Tavria B »in the shopping center« Panorama ». For home-made products you can go to one of the markets within a radius of 7 minutes by car from home: "Peasant", "Southern" or "Kiev".

For shopping and entertainment you can go to the mall City Center, which has a gallery of shops, cinemas "Planet Cinema" and 9D Cinema, contact zoo, family entertainment center, creative workshop Baby Sand, play bar "Papaya" and children's entertainment center "City toys ". You can also spend time with children in the children's entertainment center Sky Park, located 12 minutes walk from the house, and in summer to sunbathe and swim on the beaches "Seagull" and "8th station of the Great Fountain", which are 8 minutes by car. For those who prefer to spend time in the silence of the park alleys at a distance of 5 minutes by car from the residential complex Comfort Hall Park. Gorky, squares named after Academician Korolyov and them. Academician Glushko.

Parents of schoolchildren can choose the nearest school №63, which is 14 minutes on foot, and within a radius of 6 minutes by car are municipal schools №46, №72, №78 and private school "KROK". For younger children in 3-5 minutes by car from the complex kindergartens №103 and Black Sea, kindergarten-nursery №211, private kindergarten "Ear" and early school "My school".

6 minutes by car from the Sport Life sports complex in the City Center shopping mall with a full-size aquazone, a spacious gym and SPA-center, as well as the sports complex "Lost World" with simulators, indoor and outdoor pools, which host aqua aerobics and swimming classes .

Kostava st., 24. Batumi, Georgia
+995 (558) 7000 88


+995 (558) 7000 88

Toll-free number (USA):
+1 855 588 8066

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Lyustdorfska doroha, 85, Kievsky


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