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Project info

Object ID: 730
Finished at November 2021
Price, m2 637$ — 756$
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Installment plan Первоначальный взнос 15%, рассрочка до 3 лет
Bank mortgage
Property type Aparment building
Floors 26
Apartments 675
Building phase Carcase finished
Condition Black walls
Ceiling height 2.55 m.
Construction type Monolyth
Conveniences Underground parking
Kids playground
Near school
Near kindergarten
Near supermarket
Nearby subway stations
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About the project

Kiev developers not only occupy industrial zones, but also ennoble untouched places such as the Lysa Gora districts. Orange City is a GEOS project to create a residential complex that fits into the natural landscape of the Lysaya Gora Wildlife Park: among the wastelands and thickets, bicycle routes, jogging paths and walkways will be laid. There will also be a small lake and a green area for relaxing and picnics with friends.

To decorate the houses, a bright palette of sunny colors and shades of orange was chosen, so that even on cloudy days, Orange City would not be plain gray high-rise buildings.


The infrastructure concept of the Orange City complex is a “city in a city”. The development project includes the construction of a shopping center, where residents of the complex will be able to go shopping and services. It is worth noting that such large complexes are overgrown with additional infrastructure already during the settlement of residents.

Families with young children will be able to send their children to one of two kindergartens in the complex. For older children, they will build their own school for 900 students, and other schools in the district can be reached in 10-15 minutes by car. For additional classes will open children's development and creativity centers.

It will be possible to practice sports on the sports grounds of the complex and go for a run on special jogging routes. It takes 10 minutes by car to reach the ALPHA SPORT and Zgym Network Gyms.


low density of the area

panoramic view of the green areas of the capital

pharmacies and a medical center in the complex

soccer field, basketball field, and for extreme sports - a skate park

By the time the first construction phase is completed, two minibus lines will be launched, the first to Goloseevskaya metro and the second to Lybedskaya

layouts of smart apartments with optimal zoning of the space where each meter is used


The construction company Geos has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 2004. For more than twelve years, our company has implemente…
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+995 (558) 7000 88

Toll-free number (USA):
+1 855 588 8066

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Orange City on the map of Kyiv

Goloseevsky district, Lysogorsky descent, 26a, Myshalivka


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