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Rusaniv Residence
Rusaniv Residence
From 1120$ / m2
ID: 12799 | 25 floors
From 877$ / m2
ID: 12690 | 25 floors
Parkovi Ozera
Parkovi Ozera
From 1070$ / m2
ID: 12661 | 25 floors
New Autograph
New Autograph
From 990$ / m2
ID: 694 | 26 floors
RC Galaxy
RC Galaxy
From 790$ / m2
ID: 626

New buildings in Kiev near the Darnitsa metro station

The Darnitsa metro station is located on the Svyatoshinsko-Brovarskaya line, between the Levoberezhnaya and Chernigovskaya stations, and belongs to the red line of the Kiev metro. It is located at the crossroads of Brovarsky Avenue and Stroiteley Street. Darnitsa is one of the most popular stations, so the passenger traffic is large here. There is an open platform at the station, access to both sides, one of which offers an excellent view of the Right Bank of the capital. For clients who are planning to buy an apartment in a new building near the Darnitsa metro station, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the important facts and details presented below.

New buildings in Kiev near Darnitsa metro: environment and infrastructure

This place is considered the center of the eastern side of Kiev, where there are always a lot of people and where you can easily find activities for every taste. There is a large grocery market near the metro. There are also numerous:

  • shops,
  • supermarkets,
  • parks,
  • hotels,
  • shopping and entertainment centers,
  • salons,
  • bus stations,
  • amusement parks, etc.

Trolleybus and bus routes, with the help of which it is easy to reach almost the entire left-bank part of Kiev, save time and effort for residents. Nearby there are two wide avenues with green zones, and tall spruce trees flaunt on the approach to the metro.

The well-known shopping and entertainment center Detsky Mir, located right next to the Darnitsa metro station, offers a selection of shops with a wide range of goods, the opportunity to relax and have a snack in atmospheric cafes. Another highlight of the infrastructure near Darnitsa is the Sea Fairy Tale Oceanarium - an exciting museum with living exhibits: various inhabitants of the seas and oceans of the planet.

Buying an apartment in a new building near the Darnitsa metro station in Kiev will suit people who like to walk after a working day and enjoy nature, because the area near the metro pleases with green parks: there is a recently reconstructed micro garden on Chudnovskogo street, Tarashchanets park is small, cozy and beautiful, Victory Park, famous for its Ferris wheel, charming nature and numerous events that are held here. Also nearby is Telbin Beach - the cleanest and tidiest beach in the capital.

Modern apartments in a new building near the Darnitsa metro station: choose on GEOLN.COM

If you are planning to buy an apartment near the Darnitsa metro station in a new building, where there are places for walking, recreation, where you can buy everything you need within walking distance from home and use the services of the health and beauty industry, then the choice is in favor of this particular area on the territory of a large metropolis. With us, the search for real estate with a suitable layout and at an affordable price, or searching for developer putting up new residential construction objects for sale will become quick and effective. The search provides up-to-date information about all residential complexes near the Darnitsa metro station and the exact cost of objects depending on their footage. Do you need high-quality, modern and inexpensive housing in the capital? New buildings on Darnitsa will be an excellent solution!

Prices for apartments in new buildings near the Darnitsa station (current as of August 2022)

Object Price
Rusaniv Residence 47040$
New Autograph 48510$
RC Galaxy 34760$
Parkovi Ozera 43870$
FREEDOM 66652$

New buildings near the metro station in Kyiv

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