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Rusaniv Residence
Rusaniv Residence
From 1120$ / m2
ID: 12799 | 25 floors
From 877$ / m2
ID: 12690 | 25 floors
Parkovi Ozera
Parkovi Ozera
From 1070$ / m2
ID: 12661 | 25 floors
Evgeny Malanyuk (Sagaidak)
Evgeny Malanyuk (Sagaidak)
1160$ — 1680$ / m2
ID: 756 | 17 floors
Rusanovskaya Gavan
Rusanovskaya Gavan
895$ — 1607$ / m2
ID: 735 | 26 floors
RC Galaxy
RC Galaxy
From 790$ / m2
ID: 626

New buildings near the Levoberezhna metro station in Kiev

The Levoberezhna metro station is located between the northern and southern halves of the Levoberezhny massif. Located on the Svyatoshinsko-Brovarskaya line, between the stations "Hydropark" and "Darnitsa", it belongs to the red line of the Kiev metro. "Levoberezhna" is an open-type ground station with an island platform, located on an overpass.

Advantages of the residential complexes near the metro station "Levoberezhna"

"Levoberezhna" is the center of a large transport hub with a convenient interchange: there are route taxis to the airport "Borispol"near the exit to the city train. There is a lot of public transportation there, so the city center can be reached within 15 minutes. This contributes to increased mobility, comfort and significant savings in travel time for local residents.

A significant advantage of living in a new building on "Levoberezhna" is a very well-developed infrastructure. It is situated next to the hotel complex "Tourist", the International Exhibition Center, the Theater of Drama and Comedy (on the Left Bank), the Levoberezhna Post Office, shopping centers "Komod" and "Levoberezhna", supermarkets, cafes, catering establishments, a market, many shops and retail outlets. In addition to the developed infrastructure, the area near the metro is filled with green areas, beaches and places for outdoor recreation.

TOP-places for leisure for residents of new buildings near the metro station "Levoberezhna":

  • City "Health Zone" is a public recreational area on the banks of the Dnieper, which includes a beach and a skate park. Residents of new buildings in Kiev near the metro station "Levoberezhna" have the opportunity to go jogging or cycling, there is a separate area for yoga and gymnastics. The beach has all the necessary infrastructure: a lifeguard tower, bicycle parking, outdoor shower, changing places, a fountain with drinking water, many cozy recreation areas where it is comfortable even on hot summer days and you can hide in the shade. There is also a new and modern basketball field, a pedestrian zone and bike paths, benches, playgrounds and sports grounds have been installed. The sports location "Skate Park on the Bank of the Dnieper" gives an opportunity to go skateboarding, streetboarding, scooter, bicycles on an open-air site not far from the house.
  • Drama and Comedy Theater is a special place where you can spend a weekend with family or friends. The theater is unique in that it uses an innovative approach to the stage interpretation of Ukrainian and Russian classics.
  • The International Exhibition Center is a venue for elite international exhibition forums, congresses, exhibitions, presentations, concerts, cultural and art shows.
  • "Komod" is a modern shopping center of the capital that delights local residents with focus on the middle price range and an assortment of goods and services. The best international and Ukrainian brands are represented in Komod. Here you can spend your leisure time visiting the "Multiplex" cinema, eat in the food court area or get carried away with game attractions. By the way, the cinema is equipped with a multifunctional multimedia system, and in addition to comfortable viewing of new products from domestic and world film distribution, you can take part in the audience rating of films.
  • Sports complex "Levoberezhna" is just 5 minutes away from the metro. Among the list of sports services offered by the complex, everyone can choose an activity for themselves: a gym, indoor tennis courts, summer tennis courts, a sauna, shaping and aerobics.

Searching for an apartment in a new building near the Levoberezhna metro station on GEOLN.COM

If you value your time and like to spend it usefully, a good choice for you is to buy an apartment with a convenient layout near the Levoberezhna metro station in a new building. After all, the very location of the nearby International Exhibition Center already creates all the conditions for active pastime. In addition, you are guaranteed to get comfortable accommodation in the business center of a metropolis with a developed infrastructure, where you can fully feel the pace and rhythm of metropolitan life, but at the same time there are places designed for privacy and relaxation.

On the GEOLN.COM website you will find apartments available for purchase from reliable developers and its prices.

Prices for apartments in new buildings near the Levoberezhnaia station (current as of August 2022)

Object Price
Rusanovskaya Gavan 43855$
Rusaniv Residence 47040$
Evgeny Malanyuk (Sagaidak) 47560$
RC Galaxy 34760$
Parkovi Ozera 43870$

New buildings near the metro station in Kyiv

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