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Hydropark City in Kharkiv

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Project info

Object ID: 13133
Finished at October 2022
Price, m2 From 600$
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Installment plan
Bank mortgage
Property type Aparment building
Square from 22.00 m2
Floors 10
Apartments 110
Condition Black walls
Ceiling height 2.80 m.
Construction type Monolyth
Security —
Conveniences Parking
Commercial area
Kids playground
Near school
Near kindergarten
Near supermarket
Near hospital
Nearby subway stations
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About the project

Hydropark City is a new residential complex of Stroy City Development in Kharkiv. The location of the complex is reflected in its name: a quiet green area next to the city water park, the riverbed of Kharkiv and the rowing canal. The project envisages 6 houses, united by one concept and a territory with sports and children's playgrounds, own orchards, areas for family recreation and places for pets. The complex will also have its own walking route 1.5 kilometers long, which will allow you to enjoy nature and breathe fresh air right in the yard.


The Hydropark City residential complex is being built in the Saltivka residential area in the northeast of Kharkiv, in a large residential district with a developed social and transport infrastructure. The nearest metro station is Akademika Pavlova, a 13-minute walk or 5-minute drive away. At the same distance from the new building there are bus stops №207e, №240e, №271e and trams №16a and №27. To the main transport hubs of the city - the central bus station, railway station and airport - 20-25 minutes by car.

For groceries on foot 6 minutes to the store "Saltovsky meat-packing plant" or 15 minutes to the supermarket "Miracle Market". Within a radius of 10 minutes by car from the complex are two supermarkets chain "ATB-Market", two "Silpo", supermarket "GROWTH OF HEROES OF LABOR" and the market "Heroes of Labor" with a large selection of farm eco-products and goods from local producers. Barabashovo, the largest industrial and material market in Eastern Europe, is a 17-minute walk or 4 minutes by car. From the shopping and entertainment centers, the nearest shopping malls "Radmir" and shopping malls "Dafi" - 6 and 10 minutes by car, respectively.

Families with children will be pleased to have a number of educational institutions for different age groups nearby. Parents of children can choose kindergarten "Sun" - 5 minutes by car, to kindergarten №119 and kindergarten-nursery №199 - 7 minutes, to kindergartens-nursery «198 and №373, kindergartens №370 and "Yasochka" - 10 minutes . For schoolchildren within a radius of 11 minutes by car from the residential complex "Hydropark City" municipal schools №55, «123, №143, №31, special school №17 with in-depth study of foreign languages ​​and lyceum №107. There are also several sports schools, foreign language schools, a children's art school, a center for children's and youth creativity, the University of NUPh, Kharkiv National Pedagogical University and a number of other universities in the area of ​​the new building.

Modern sports grounds and workout areas will be equipped for sports on the territory of the complex. The project also provides bike paths and a walking route. By car 6 minutes to the sports and health center "Temp", 7 minutes to the chess club "Pawn" and 10 minutes to the fitness club GymFit.


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lane Shevchenkivskyi, 50


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