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Edificio ME-6
Edificio ME-6
From 2020$ / m2
ID: 11368 | 4 floors
Edificio 238
Edificio 238
From 1820$ / m2
ID: 11366 | 5 floors
Blasco Ibañez Garden II
Blasco Ibañez Garden II
From 3700$ / m2
ID: 11361 | 9 floors
Blasco Ibanez Garden I
Blasco Ibanez Garden I
From 3480$ / m2
ID: 11360 | 20 floors
Turia Garden
Turia Garden
From 3800$ / m2
ID: 11358 | 9 floors
Maestro Rodrigo Garden
Maestro Rodrigo Garden
From 3600$ / m2
ID: 11356 | 12 floors
Alfahuir Garden
Alfahuir Garden
From 3385$ / m2
ID: 11354 | 11 floors
Residencial Nou de Moreras
Residencial Nou de Moreras
From 1900$ / m2
ID: 11352 | 8 floors
Velazquez 20
Velazquez 20
From 2620$ / m2
ID: 11351 | 5 floors
Residencial A12 Quart
Residencial A12 Quart
From 2200$ / m2
ID: 11348 | 11 floors
Edificio Juan Fabregat 22
Edificio Juan Fabregat 22
From 2600$ / m2
ID: 11346 | 5 floors
Edificio Tarrega
Edificio Tarrega
From 2000$ / m2
ID: 11345 | 6 floors
Edificio Zentral
Edificio Zentral
From 4275$ / m2
ID: 11342 | 7 floors
Edificio Sosa 10
Edificio Sosa 10
From 3320$ / m2
ID: 11328 | 5 floors
Residencial Patraix Placa
Residencial Patraix Placa
From 2440$ / m2
ID: 11294 | 3 floors
Lotus Ruzafa
Lotus Ruzafa
From 2000$ / m2
ID: 11287 | 4 floors
Residencial Torre Patraix
Residencial Torre Patraix
From 2250$ / m2
ID: 11284
Edificio Drassanes
Edificio Drassanes
From 2140$ / m2
ID: 11282 | 5 floors
Residencial Cresol
Residencial Cresol
From 3200$ / m2
ID: 11281 | 8 floors
Edificio Crisalida
Edificio Crisalida
From 2055$ / m2
ID: 11279 | 6 floors
Hogares de Paterna
Hogares de Paterna
From 1750$ / m2
ID: 11257 | 4 floors
Adosados La Marina
Adosados La Marina
From 3440$ / m2
ID: 11252 | 2 floors | Townhouse
El Olivo
El Olivo
From 1940$ / m2
ID: 11250 | 2 floors
Puerto Felipe
Puerto Felipe
From 2330$ / m2
ID: 11248 | 2 floors

New buildings in Valencia

City on the map

Valencia is a city in Spain, the third largest city in the country in terms of population after Madrid and Barcelona, located on the Iberian Peninsula on the Mediterranean coast.

Why is it profitable to buy apartments in Valencia in the new buildings?

The city is ancient, founded by the Romans in 138 BCE, although there were settlements of the Greeks and Carthaginians on its place and earlier.

     Valencia has been considered a city of merchants since ancient times. Its advantageous geographical position has turned it into a significant exchange point for goods from the entire southern coast of Europe. At the same time, the business activity of local residents is concentrated mainly on the development of the agricultural sector. Half of all vegetables presented in the external and internal markets of the country ripen here, a significant percentage of canned food factories is Valencian. There is a plant for the production of bioethanol produced from oranges. Valencia is a fertile land for growing rice as well.

Valencia is the oldest pottery manufacturer, also famous for the cultivation of cork. Various industrial plants are located in the surrounding area, including the Ford plant.

The city occupies a key position in world tourism, not limited to the field of beach recreation. These are cultural, sports, health, sea, rural tourism and other types of tourism. It will also become the design capital of the world in 2022. The organizing committee creates several projects that will contribute to social well-being and sustainable economic development in the region.

The city's port is the fourth busiest in Europe and also the largest in Spain and the Mediterranean area.

Transport infrastructure is at a good level: there is an international airport, metro, surface railway, buses, trams, taxis etc. There are many bike paths, their ring around the city connects all the paths on the periphery. A public bicycle rental service has been operating since 2010.

Valencia is one of the main academic centers in the country. Two state and several private universities are based here. Educational institutions occupy places in the top ten of the national ranking of public universities in Spain, in leading positions in the lists of the best universities in the world. There are many students in the city, some of whom, for example, married couples, prefer to rent housing in apartment buildings.

In Valencia, the hotel business is well established, the IT sector is developed, engineering, finance and healthcare are at the highest level.

Low tax rates attract foreign investors here, whose investments have a beneficial effect on the development of logistics, industry and the tourism sector.

The gorgeous sandy beaches of Valencia are not present in the ratings of the best in the world, unlike the promoted ones in the Balearic and Canary Islands, which is frankly surprising. The beaches stretch one after another along the entire coastline, perfectly equipped for a nice vacation.

Valencia is characterized by a subtropical climate closer to the Mediterranean, which creates comfortable conditions for life and relaxation.

It is not surprising that many investors and buyers are interested in real estate in Valencia. The prices here are much lower than in Barcelona or Madrid, although the quality of life is practically the same. Hot climates reduce heating costs. But even such expenses, according to experts, pay off rather quickly if you rent out an apartment.

New buildings in Valencia are the most demanded type of housing. This city, like other large cities in Spain, is characterized by a large number and variety of residential complexes.

Residential complexes in Valencia are being built in compliance with advanced technologies, the sale of apartments from developers can be carried out on a full payment basis or in installments. New buildings in Valencia from the developers offer new communications, modern planning, all the necessary infrastructure is nearby; there are positive reviews about the quality of the objects being built.

Considering the standards of the EU real estate market and the resort status of the city, it is relatively inexpensive to buy apartments from the developers in Valencia. According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of turnkey area is 1,590 USD.

Purchase of apartments in Valencia from the developers by foreigners

Foreign citizens can buy apartments freely, having the same rights and obligations as the citizens of the country.

Highlights of the city

The city is rich in sights. These are some that are worth to visit:

  • Cathedral, where the "Holy Grail" is kept;
  • Botanical Garden;
  • Albufera Natural Park;
  • Aguas Palace;
  • City of Arts and Sciences - a complex on the old bed of the Turia River with parks, ponds and pools, on its territory in 2019 the shooting of the 3rd season of the series "World of the Wild West" took place;
  • Science Museum, an interactive science museum, part of the City of Arts and Sciences;
  • Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia;
  • Museum of Ceramics named after Gonzalez Martí;
  • Military Museum (Valencia);
  • Museum of the History of Valencia;
  • Lonja de la Seda - medieval Gothic building of the silk exchange;
  • Museum of the Patriarch (old painting);
  • Gallery of Contemporary Art;
  • Rice Museum;
  • House-Museum of Blasco Ibanez and much more.

Districts of the city, where it is better to invest, to live and to buy housing in new buildings

It is better to invest with the expectation of passive income in the area where students live, in particular: the L'illa Perduda, L 'Amistat, Ciutat Jardi neighborhoods. The most affordable property is located in the L'illa Perduda quarter. This location houses the Polytechnic University and several faculties of the University of Valencia.

Investing for the future in Valencia real estate in the new buildings is advisable in Cuitat Fallera, Benicalar. Many zones are still under construction, a little bit far from the center and from the beach, but the prices are lower.

It is better to live in Benimaklet, Сami de Vera. Real estate here is relatively inexpensive, quiet, and is home to many Spaniards and foreign students.

It is definitely worth buying apartments in the new buildings in Els Orriolls Torrefiel, Sant Liorens; the housing stock is diverse, there are good residential complexes, the proximity of the metro and twenty minutes by car to the sea.

Purchasing apartments in the new buildings in Valencia is a profitable investment project:

  • high rental income, resale housing,
  • the opportunity to relax and live in a resort town,
  • reasonable prices.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Valencia

DistrictPrices, from
Quatre Carreres2276$ / m2
Safranar2450$ / m2

Prices for new buildings near metro stations in Valencia

MetroPrices, from
Jesús1930$ / m2
Patraix1930$ / m2
Bailén2000$ / m2
Avinguda del Cid1930$ / m2
Avinguda/del Cid1930$ / m2

New buildings in the districts of Valencia

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