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Project info

Object ID: 4910
Finished at June 2021
Price, m2 From 960$
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Installment plan
Bank mortgage
Property type Aparment building
Square from 30.00 m2
Floors 25
Apartments 593
Condition Black walls
Ceiling height 2.70 m.
Construction type Monolyth
Conveniences Parking
Underground parking
Kids playground
Near school
Near kindergarten
Near supermarket
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About the project

The family quarter "Happiness" has incorporated everything you need for a happy life in any family. The residential complex is located in the Industrial District, at the intersection of Sivkov and Karpinsky Streets. 10 minutes from the city center, 5 minutes from the shopping and entertainment center "Capital", surrounded by squares and parks.


Author's architectural project that meets the high requirements of Perm for a comfortable and happy life.

Underground parking is a warm "home" for your car.

Conceptual landscaping of the courtyard: landscape design, picturesque green alleys, multilevel lighting. Walking areas, sports and playgrounds for different ages.

Safe courtyard with restricted entry of cars and parking outside the courtyard.

Designer lounges. Each entrance has a spacious and beautiful lounge, made according to an individual design project.

Thoughtful apartment layouts: spacious living rooms and large kitchens for family dinners and warm meetings. In each apartment - places for functional storage; in large apartments - an additional bathroom.

Additional soundproofing of the floor will preserve the acoustic comfort of the apartment. We apply the advanced professional material "Polifom-Vibro".


Our company employs talented and sensitive people who care about the world around. Together we build cozy, thoughtful houses in which we wan…
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+995 (558) 7000 88

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st. Karpinsky, 50


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