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Real estate in new builds from developers of Sweden

Stenbrottsgatan 46
Stenbrottsgatan 46
From 5500$ / m2
ID: 17334 | 2 floors
Grallsta 112 / 113
Grallsta 112 / 113
From 1920$ / m2
ID: 17333 | 2 floors
Idre North Park
Idre North Park
From 3400$ / m2
ID: 17332 | 2 floors
Lokegatan 15
Lokegatan 15
From 3700$ / m2
ID: 17331 | 2 floors
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Real estate in Sweden

Location, climate, and economy

Sweden (officially the Kingdom of Sweden) is a country located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, bordered by the Baltic Sea; it’s a member of the United Nations, the European Union, and has concluded the Schengen Agreement.

The climate is moderate, under the influence of the Gulf Stream; in the mountainous regions of the north it approaches the subarctic.

The country's main natural resources are water, iron ore, and timber. Energy sources - nuclear fusion, hydropower, and wood. Products are produced in the country mainly by private companies, half of which work in the engineering industry, shipbuilding, aviation industry; agriculture is an insignificant share of GDP. Science-intensive industries (information technology, biomedicine) are becoming increasingly important, this is possible due to the developed infrastructure and high level of education. Recently, such industries as design, the fashion industry, the production of art products, media projects, advertising and music products, and tourism have begun to bring significant income.

Real estate market in Sweden

During the decade-long boom period, the market has accumulated an impressive amount of debt, which has exacerbated the risks caused by a slowdown in Sweden's GDP growth: today the debt is 200% of household income, which is significantly higher than in any other developed EU country. The Central Bank raised rates by a quarter of a percent, which is likely to lead to a weakening of the market, forecasts for further changes in rates are also disappointing.

Swedish real estate experts believe that the real estate market has changed in favor of the buyers and the country is expected to correct downward prices. Russia's war in Ukraine, inflation, the unstable situation on the stock market, the increase in interest rates led to the fact that the market heard the interests of the buyer, and not the seller, who was psychologically "stuck" in the old system of relations. Thus, according to experts, realtors observe that the price level fluctuates and is on the verge of adjusting downwards in property prices in Sweden. This is because buyers are holding a pause, deciding that the market has reached record price highs. At the same time, another part of the experts is sure that the emerging trend is only seasonal in nature, since the summer months in the country are always a time for a decrease in consumer activity. In addition, it is believed to be worth remembering: prices are still significantly higher now than before the pandemic. The level before the pandemic is the benchmark that will determine the trend for the future. In their opinion, the value of real estate in Sweden can still receive incentives for growth, along with the discovery of new reserves of intensification of processes in the economy and the growth of purchasing power will play a role in maintaining a high level of consumer demand and the ongoing shortage of supply.

Buying real estate in Sweden remains an attractive investment project, given the stability of the country's economy and the government's actions aimed at achieving climate neutrality and ensuring energy security from external factors. Customer reviews confirm that residential real estate under construction in Sweden meets construction quality standards and advanced technological developments in this area.

The average property price in Sweden is as follows:

  • apartment — $4,928 per sq.m;
  • typical house (villa) - $445,695;
  • commercial real estate (private hotel) - $3,000 per sq.m;
  • land plot - from 5 euros per sq.m.

Given the significant dynamics of price changes, it is necessary to use only information that is relevant at the time of the request.

Property types for sale

The following types are on the market:

  • residential (primary, secondary) - apartments in residential complexes, houses, villas, townhouses, etc.,
  • commercial fund (hotels, shops, warehouses, offices, etc.),
  • land plots.

Real estate website in Sweden

The sale of real estate in Sweden is regulated in detail by law, transactions are transparent and safe, in order to minimize risks when concluding transactions, it is advisable to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations. The real estate website GEOLN.COM (with a convenient search interface) contains a full catalog of real estate in Sweden.

Buying property in Sweden by foreigners (nuances)

Foreigners can purchase property freely. There are restrictions only on the purchase of agricultural land and land plots in nature protection zones.

Buying property in Sweden is profitable for the following reasons:

  • there are no restrictions on the acquisition of property rights to apartments and houses for foreigners;
  • high rental income in an attractive country to visit;
  • developed economy and infrastructure.

Real estate prices in Sweden

CityPrice from
Eskilstuna 2,230$ / m2
Gothenburg 2,550$ / m2
Helsingborg 1,500$ / m2
Linkoping 1,600$ / m2
Malmo 1,740$ / m2
Orebro 2,100$ / m2
Sandviken 2,195$ / m2
Stockholm 3,100$ / m2
Taby 2,870$ / m2
Uppsala 3,300$ / m2

Real estate in cities of Sweden

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