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Juodeglynu namai
Juodeglynu namai
Klaipeda, Lithuania
From 2400$ / m2
ID: 18526 | 2 floors
Giruliu Kopos
Giruliu Kopos
Klaipeda, Lithuania
From 2890$ / m2
ID: 18525 | 2 floors
Bachmano Zeme
Bachmano Zeme
Klaipeda, Lithuania
From 2300$ / m2
ID: 18524 | 2 floors

New builds in Klaipeda

Location and climate

Klaipeda is a city in Lithuania, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

The climate of Klaipeda is humid continental. In July and August (warm season), the temperature is +20°C. Snow can fall from October to April.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in Klaipeda in a new build?

Klaipeda is an industrial, business, educational, scientific, medical, tourist and administrative center. In the eastern part of the city is the Klaipeda Free Economic Zone offering 0% tax breaks for the first 6 years. It also operates the first geothermal plant in the Baltic States, supplying the city with geothermal heating. Klaipeda multi-purpose, universal deep-water port is the main ice-free port on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, connecting sea, land and railway routes from east to west. Ship repair and shipbuilding enterprises operate in the port; loading and unloading operations are underway. The city also has a brewery and the company that’s the largest manufacturer of cardboard and paper packaging. Residents of Klaipeda have a higher income than the average for Lithuania.

The historical part of the city stands out with an abundance of German and Scandinavian architecture, planned street structure, which is not typical for other oldest centers in Lithuania. The streets are geometrically correct, intersecting at right angles.

A strategic plan for the development of Klaipeda until 2030 has been developed According to Newsec experts; it is focused on international markets, establishing closer ties with industrial companies from Scandinavia and old Europe, using an attractive geographical location and status of a port city, and turning Klaipeda into a place attractive for year-round health tourism.

There are many students in the city (potential tenants of new builds) studying in higher educational institutions:

  •  Universities (Klaipeda, private Christian, applied sciences, social sciences),
  •  Academies (music and dance, maritime),
  •  Higher school of business,
  •  Conservatory.

Palanga Airport serves international flights and is connected to Klaipeda by a city bus. Klaipeda railway station is located north of the old town. Intracity public transport is represented by buses, it is planned to revive the tram.

The primary housing market in Klaipeda, as well as the Lithuanian market as a whole, remains stable.

The Dange River divides the city into two districts - the Left Bank (old architecture) and the Right Bank (those who want to live in comfortable modern new builds for sale buy real estate here).

Prices for residential complexes in Klaipeda are growing moderately. At the same time, the demand for real estate in the new builds for remains high and investors are actively purchasing apartments in the residential complexes. The sale of apartments from developers provides for compliance with building standards and the availability of infrastructure nearby, which is confirmed by feedback from buyers of housing in new buildings.

The minimum price per square meter of space in a new home for sale from a developer in Klaipeda, transferred to the buyer in a turnkey condition (according to the information of the GEOLN.COM real estate search engine) is 2,300 USD.

 What to see, where to go

  •  Old city
  •  Town hall
  •  Half-timbered warehouse (18th century)
  •  Museums of: history, amber, blacksmithing, clocks, art, maritime
  •  Dolphinarium
  •  Yachts in the castle port

Following festivals are held annually: Musical Spring, Jazz Concerts in Klaipeda Castle, Night of Museums, International Festival of Street Theaters, Short Films, Festival of the Sea and others.

Acquisition of apartments in Klaipeda from the developers by foreign citizens

There are no restrictions for non-residents. Foreign investors can freely buy apartments from the developers in Klaipeda. Having your own home can speed up obtaining a residence permit.

Purchasing an apartment in a new development in Klaipeda is a promising investment in order to obtain a stable rental income and to live in an EU country with a high level of economic development.

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