The main expert of the Georgian real estate market - Diana Kabakci. GEOLN.COM services for investors

GEOLN.COM services for investors in real estate: ✅experts of the company are your guides to the world of safe investments.
Published at 13/07/2020

The main expert of the Georgian real estate market - Diana Kabakci. GEOLN.COM services for investors — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

The main expert of the Georgian real estate market - Diana Kabakci. 

Investments in real estate and business

Part of the material was published in FORBES. Today, we want to expand the range of the issues that are being considered under review in the context of getting to know GEOLN.COMPANY. Real estate investing is an area that must be entrusted and handled with a personalized accompaniment by market professionals. According to Forbes, the main experts in the real estate market are GEOLN.COM specialists. 

This expresses the degree of trust that we, as professionals in our field, have earned not only through media recognition, but also according to the level of service we provide and the level of products and solutions that customers of the real estate search platform GEOLN.COM admire. 
Diana Kabakci, General Director of GEOLN.COM

Today, investors from all over the world use investment support, selection of real estate for investment and unique opportunities of the GEOLN.COM services. 

GEOLN.COM for investors. 

GEOLN.COM is a reputable real estate search platform where every investor can find verified properties for investment, business or residence. Using search options and convenient filters, you can find offers from developers or owners. There are offers of different formats in the search results: new building, commercial real estate, for business or investment or secondary housing.

But how will an investor make a decision in the big world of offers that have been found?

Advice from GEOLN.COM experts - recognized market leaders according to FORBES, expert consultations and a third opinion will help you make the right investment decision. 

GEOLN.COM experts - experts recommended by FORBES. 

GEOLN.COM provides unique access to verified real estate (from the developers and the owners) from around the world. Therefore, the investor can count on the fact that the search and individual selection will be carried out on the largest database of current objects. 

The level of real estate experts and professionals is recommended by Forbes, the world's #1 business publication. Publications and analytical reviews from search engine experts become the source of analytical columns for world-class publications such as International Investments, RBC, The Financial and others. Basically, this happens both because of the high authority of the search engine and its experts, and, of course, because of the accuracy and relevance of the data provided. 

After all, it is the GEOLN.COM resource, as a specialized search engine, that processes the largest amount of data on the market of up-to-date search demand in the real estate and investment segment in real time. 

Trends from Experts 

Experts analyze trends in real time. As a result, we understand the real estate market very accurately and evaluate it online, which allows us to predict and know which residential complexes are in demand, in which market, what format, and also what type of real estate is most often requested by customers. 

In this context, the internal analytics of the real estate market from GEOLN.COM allows you to see growing trends and make investment decisions based on up-to-date data. It means that the choice of the real estate object and method of investment will be the most successful and relevant to the investor’s request, which is to save, increase, and acquire.

Often the area of investment goes beyond the placement of money in real estate, so the investor needs something more: 

  • a ready-made business,
  • an investment product,
  • a land plot,
  • business support. 

The profile expert of GEOLN.COM is the best consultant and assistant in these matters. 

If you are planning to make a capital placement or investment, then real estate search platform professionals are at your service. The best market experts and the best real estate service from GEOLN.COM will become your reliable professional assistants. Go to right now and learn more about how our experts serve the clients. 


GEOLN.COM Expert Team

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Diana Kabakci

The leading expert of the real estate market in Georgia
Education: MBA
Sphere: Real estate / Investments / Lawyer
Consultations made: 250
Expert on countries: Cyprus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Poland
Known languages: Russian / Georgian / English / Turkish
Experience: 16 years
Expert publications: 681