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From 330$ / m2
ID: 12553 | 5 floors
Millennium in Aktobe
Millennium in Aktobe
From 300$ / m2
ID: 2992 | 9 floors
Manhattan in Aktobe
Manhattan in Aktobe
From 470$ / m2
ID: 2991 | 7 floors
Dostar 2
Dostar 2
From 330$ / m2
ID: 2990 | 9 floors
From 290$ / m2
ID: 2989 | 11 floors
Aviator Premium
Aviator Premium
From 520$ / m2
ID: 2987 | 3 floors
Alash Orda
Alash Orda
From 400$ / m2
ID: 2985 | 12 floors
From 340$ / m2
ID: 2982 | 7 floors

New buildings in Aktobe

City on the map

Aktobe is a city located in the west of Kazakhstan along the banks of a tributary of the Urals - the Ilek River in the place where the Kargaly River flows into it.

Why is it worth buying an apartment from the developers in Aktobe?

Aktobe is a large industrial center where such enterprises operate: chromium compounds, agricultural engineering, a ferroalloy plant; the city has its own meat processing plant, poultry farm, fish farm, greenhouse vegetables, which provide the townspeople with food and creates additional jobs.

The urban landscape does not differ in any special original sophistication, but, like many other cities of Kazakhstan, Aktobe is changing: modern buildings appear, the infrastructure is improving and the urban transport system is being improved.

In summer, there are private beaches on the banks of the Ilek River. Vacationers come to the artificial reservoir.

There are many sports facilities in the city; sports grounds with artificial turf have been built near educational institutions and in the courtyards of residential buildings in the city.

The climate is sharply continental: summers are hot and long, winters are moderately cold with short-term thaws.

Investors in recent years prefer not outdated secondary housing, but new buildings that are being built both in the center and in new microdistricts for investment in real estate in Aktobe. Primary housing is popular mainly due to its relatively low cost. New buildings in Aktobe from the developers are really becoming available and the demand for them is growing. There are not so many new housing being built in the city as in Alma-Ata, but there is plenty to choose from. Residential complexes in Aktobe take into account modern requirements, buyers receives new communications and more convenient layouts.

Another reason for the growth in demand for primary housing is that apartments in Aktobe from developers are usually offered on installment plan basis, the sale of apartments from developers provides promotions, discounts, and various convenient forms of payment. Investments in apartments in new buildings can bring passive income through renting and resale at higher prices.

Apartments in the new buildings in Aktobe can be purchased inexpensively. According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of the area of an apartment is $290 (apartments in black frame condition).

Real estate in Aktobe in the new buildings, first of all, is attractive for young residents who connect their fate with their hometown, for those who come here from the countryside, from the countries of the post-Soviet space.

Features of the purchase of apartments by foreigners

Foreigners who have received a residence permit in Kazakhstan can buy an apartment in Aktobe in the new buildings.

Where to go, what to see

  • memorial complex and monument to Aliya Moldagulova;
  • park named after A.S. Pushkin;
  • Park named after the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • water-green boulevard of Unity and Accord;
  • planetarium;
  • aquapark;
  • Quest "Horror Cente" - the center of the live game;
  • recreation park "Yurta park" - a family center, where there are: children's houses, shooting range, ethno-aul, children's pavilion, fight club, photo zone, children's cars, a labyrinth, a zoo and much more.

New buildings in Aktobe are a real project for life and family planning and investments that bring constant income.

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