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Runwal Elegante
Runwal Elegante
From 7400$ / m2
ID: 11080 | 30 floors
Runwal Nirvana
Runwal Nirvana
From 6770$ / m2
ID: 11070 | 47 floors
Runwal Bliss
Runwal Bliss
From 3162$ / m2
ID: 11069 | 34 floors
Runwal Forests
Runwal Forests
From 3520$ / m2
ID: 11067 | 35 floors
Kamla Gopal
Kamla Gopal
From 3700$ / m2
ID: 11065 | 12 floors
Kamla Jainson
Kamla Jainson
From 3435$ / m2
ID: 11064 | 20 floors
Hiranandani Gardens - Castle Rock
Hiranandani Gardens - Castle Rock
From 4035$ / m2
ID: 11050 | 19 floors
Lodha World One
Lodha World One
From 8126$ / m2
ID: 11039 | 45 floors
Lodha Azzuro
Lodha Azzuro
From 2950$ / m2
ID: 11038 | 30 floors
Lodha Kiara
Lodha Kiara
From 490$ / m2
ID: 11027 | 30 floors

New buildings in Mumbai

Location and climate

Mumbai is a city in western India, located at the mouth of the Ulhas River, on the coast of the Arabian Sea, with a population of 11,978,450 people as of 2021. The climate is subequatorial; seasons: rains - from June to October (humid and hot), dry climate - from December to May (moderate humidity and coolness), January and February are considered cold.

The development of the city of contrasts

Mumbai is a financial center and one of the most powerful megacities in the country economically. About half of the total passenger flow passes through the terminal of his port. A reserve bank, stock exchanges, a mint operate here, and large companies are located here as well. The city has a developed chemical industry, oil refining, mechanical engineering. A hydroelectric power station operates at the foot of the Western Ghats mountains, a thermal power station on the island of Trombay, and a nuclear power plant also produces electricity.
The city is known as the center of the entertainment industry for many television and satellite networks, film industry (Bollywood).
An international airport serves domestic and international flights (26 kilometers north of Mumbai). The public transport system is represented by shuttle buses, ferries, electric trains, metro.
Higher education institutions in Mumbai are considered among the best, both in India and throughout Asia. Students study at the following universities: Indian Institute of Technology, Women's University, Industrial Engineering Institute, Institute of Fundamental Research.
The city received UNESCO awards for the preservation of national traditions, and at the same time, European and Asian cultures coexist in it without contradictions. You can see the following sights:
  • Triumphal Arch Gateway to India,
  • Marine Drive embankment,
  • Taraporevala aquarium,
  • Nana-Nani park,
  • Elephant caves
  • pagoda of world vipassana with the relics of Buddha,
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park,
  • Basilica of Our Lady and much more.

Restrictions on the purchase of an apartment in Mumbai from a developer by foreign citizens

The law prohibits non-Indian foreigners from buying an apartment from a developer in Mumbai, unless they spend 183 days of the financial year in India in accordance with the provisions of the law. Also, it is illegal to purchase real estate by a person who visits the country on a tourist visa. Moreover, the buyer of real estate (having the right) cannot register the object in joint ownership with a person who does not have such a right.
A foreign citizen residing in India has the same rights when buying an apartment in a new building as any other resident, with the exception of citizens of China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran, Bhutan and Nepal.
For whom buying an apartment in Mumbai in a new building is profitable
According to the country's leading experts, in accordance with the current legislation, the Mumbai new-build market, like the real estate market in general, is still able to radically change only nonresident Indians or persons of Indian origin living abroad, since they are the only foreigners who can freely buy real estate Mumbai in a new building. Indians living in other countries have recently been increasingly investing in residential complexes in Mumbai as a second home. The sale of apartments from developers provides the main priority for buyers - convenience, both in terms of the internal arrangement of housing in a new building, and in terms of infrastructure and location.
The real estate rental market in India is limited by laws that protect the rights of tenants to a greater extent. However, these legal norms regulating rental in residential complexes contribute to the creation of a housing shortage, as a result of which real estate prices in new buildings, on the contrary, rise.
The minimum price per square meter of the area handed over in black frame condition (according to the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine) is 490 USD.
Purchasing an apartment in a new building in Mumbai is an investment of citizens of the country and foreigners (immigrants from India), which makes it possible to consistently receive rental income and is carried out in a city where business activity is high and modern infrastructure is developing.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Mumbai

DistrictPrices, from
F/S Ward2950$ / m2
G/S Ward490$ / m2
S Ward3162$ / m2
K/W Ward7400$ / m2

New buildings in the districts of Mumbai

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