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Project info

Object ID: 3463
Finished at December 2022
Price, m2 From 643$
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Installment plan Minimum down payment 30%
Bank mortgage
Property type Aparment building
Square from 39.00 m2
Floors 10
Apartments 141
Condition Black walls
Ceiling height 3.00 m.
Construction type Monolyth
Security CCTV
Conveniences Parking
Underground parking
Kids playground
Near school
Near kindergarten
Near supermarket
Nearby subway stations
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About the project

The residential complex "Your House in Didube" in Tbilisi are comfortable apartments at the price of economy class housing!

Where is located

The complex is located in Didube district at Kedia Street 10. The distance to the city center does not exceed 5 kilometers. The distance to the nearest stop is 300 meters; ten different routes run along Tsereteli Avenue. The new building is located 700 meters from the metro stations of two lines.

Near shops, educational institutions, beauty salons, cafes and entertainment venues. A minus is a branch of the railway passing three hundred meters and an industrial zone located in the neighborhood.


The residential complex "Your House in Didube" was designed taking into account the achievements of construction technologies. The house has a monolithic frame made of reinforced concrete, the outer walls are insulated and lined with durable environmentally friendly materials. The ten-story building has one entrance.

The new building is equipped with:

noiseless elevator with increased carrying capacity;

video surveillance system;

fire alarm;

modern high-quality engineering communications.

The territory of the complex

Improvement of residential complex "Your House in Didube" includes: ground and underground parking, sports and children's playgrounds, a convenient recreation area. Passages are laid in the territory, pedestrian paths are covered with paving slabs. Street lights are installed.

About apartments

The price at which the developer proposes to buy an apartment in the residential complex “Your House in Didube” includes:

steel entrance door;

plastic windows and doors of balconies with energy-saving double-glazed windows;

floor screed, ready for laying;

high quality plastered walls.

Apartments for sale are subject to full payment, on the issue of mortgages or installments, you should contact the company representatives. In the presence of a large selection of housing plans, there are apartments of 39-162 m2.


New buildings from Alisperi Aprebi companies are housing constructed using modern technologies using advanced building materials. Apartments…
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Toll-free number (USA):
+1 855 588 8066

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10 Kedia St., Didube-Chugureti


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