How to prepare an apartment for a quick sale?

Apartment for sale: what should the designer prepare for the owner of a commercial apartment so that the owner can quickly sell it?
Published at 18/05/2022

At first glance, there is no obvious difference between the interior of a “commercial” apartment and an “ordinary” one - after all, the interior is somehow connected with money. But there is a difference. And it starts with the fact that there is no specific customer.

After all, the work of an interior designer is inevitably connected with understanding the other person, his lifestyle and preferences in order to create space for the future “accomplishments” of the designer. In this case, we do not know the requests of the future buyer, because there is none yet. We also do not know who exactly can choose our apartment, which will be put up for sale.

How to prepare an apartment for a quick sale? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

Only one thing is known - the designer's approach to working on such an object is changing.

To help you create a one-stop design apartment, here are the key benefits that go into purchasing this type of apartment.

What should the owner and designer pay attention to when creating designer apartments?


In this case, the designer and the owner should think more globally than usual. Imagine some people standing next to a new high-rise building on the threshold of a new life - they are different. Therefore, it is worth starting to think in universal categories: those things that, despite the individuality of each, can be common.

Let's start with the most banal - with ergonomics. Provide the apartment with all the premises necessary for life:

  •  Hall
  •  Bathroom/toilet
  •  Kitchen
  •  Living room
  •  Bedroom
  •  Personal Area
  •  Pantry.

And they don't have to be separate from each other.

We take into account the selling factor - we are preparing an apartment for resale

The second - whatever one may say, the apartment is made for sale, so it is worth thinking in this way and in general on a global scale: take into account today's trends and trends in furniture, colors, and materials. It is worth surprising a potential client - a real estate buyer.

Your apartment should stand out from the general offers.

But here the main thing is not to “overdo it”. Even if a person is smitten on the spot and chooses your apartment with a unique design, he (the buyer) will still not leave it as it is and will make some changes of his own. It is better to get your apartment done without unnecessary details - do not fill it with a huge number of original lamps, vases, paintings, and so on. Details are things that, even with all the universality, you can’t always guess right, they are always personal.

Factor 3: Bright but minimalist

That is, the work will consist mostly on furniture, wall decoration, ceiling and, most importantly, on the layout. No more no less. Since we have already said above that most likely the apartment will be supplemented, it is better not to add more value to it in order to sell it easily.

Let's try to give an example. When each room is separate, it requires a large area and is not always convenient. Therefore, a kitchen combined with a living room can come to the rescue. Separation instead of walls by partitions can even be movable, so that it is possible to transform the premises; modular furniture so that it can also be transformed. Or, in general, a studio apartment on two levels, but here it already depends on the height of the ceilings. How to choose furniture for your home in Georgia, what to look for, we told in the article how to choose furniture for your home in Georgia.

And this is just one example, far from the only one. It may happen that the apartment will be made in such a way that you won’t want to change it at all.

But one thing should not be forgotten for sure - the versatility and space for the freedom of action of the future tenant.

It is difficult to take these factors into account on your own, especially if you are buying property abroad. Therefore, we advise you to turn to the services of designers who will prepare the apartment chosen for purchase in a black frame condition in a design that is ideal for both sale, future management and rental.

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