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Hof van Gent in Ghent

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Project info

Object ID: 17171
Finished at February 2023
Price, m2 From 7180$
Housing class Comfort
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Installment plan
Bank mortgage
Property type Aparment building
Square from 45.00 m2
Floors 3
Apartments 62
Condition Turnkey
Construction type Monolyth
Conveniences Parking
Kids playground
Near school
Near kindergarten
Near supermarket
Near hospital
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About the project

Hof van Gent presents a scenario from the books: peaceful living in the green, fifteen minutes by bike from the heart of Ghent.

This new-build project is located near the R4 and the Oudenaardsesteenweg. So easily accessible, while the site itself has no through traffic. Where the Brothers of Charity used to walk through their extensive garden, a residential project with 62 houses and apartments, surrounded by trees and watercourses, will be built.

Due to the variety of homes, there is something for everyone. Each house has its own garden or terrace and there is a communal garden for all residents of Hof-van-Genten. Quietly alone or cozy together? You choose that yourself, according to the mood of the moment.


+995 (558) 7000 88

Toll-free number (USA):
+1 855 588 8066

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Hof van Gent on the map of Ghent

N60 99, 9000 Gent, Belgium


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