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Salzburg, Austria
From 8456$ / m2
ID: 14157 | 3 floors
Salzburg, Austria
From 11800$ / m2
ID: 14140 | 4 floors
Freiraum Süd
Freiraum Süd
Salzburg, Austria
From 9000$ / m2
ID: 14139 | 4 floors
Linke Glanzeile
Linke Glanzeile
Salzburg, Austria
From 9200$ / m2
ID: 14138 | 2 floors

New builds in Salzburg

City on the map

Salzburg is a city in the western part of Austria, located at the northern foot of the Alpine ridge, on the banks of the Salzach River. The distance to Vienna is three hundred kilometers, to the border with Germany - only five.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in a new build in Salzburg?

Salzburg is a beautiful city with a long history, its historical part is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Stunning architecture, monuments, museums with interesting valuable exhibits - all this attracts visitors from all over the world.

It is a city with a developed modern economy: high-tech enterprises, software development companies, telecommunications, and various multimedia projects are located here. Trade, banking and tourism play the most important role in the city's economy. The traditional activities that have survived since the Middle Ages are the production of beer and mineral water.

Students study at the several universities (the university of Paris Lodron, medical, pedagogical, music and dramatic arts universities), institutes and higher schools.

Salzburg is connected by rail with many cities in Europe, the international airport serves regular flights. There is a network of bus and trolleybus routes inside the city.

The climate is humid, the Atlantic air masses are poured over the city in summer rains. There are warm stormy winds from the mountains, which are called "hair dryers".

The city's primary real estate market has been steadily growing over the past decade. So far, it cannot be affected by any negative phenomena and crises. Experts expect that the cost of housing in the new builds will continue to increase in the future. It is still interesting for investors to buy an apartment from a developer in Salzburg. Italians, Dutch and Germans are very active on the market for new builds in Salzburg.

The preferences of the city's residents have changed somewhat: they are still largely renting housing (which is good for investors), but they are already considering buying their own housing too. Few primary properties are offered as their construction is impeded by protected green areas. New builds for sale in Salzburg from the developers are expensive residential complexes. But people believe that it is more rational to have your own apartment or house in nature, somewhere on the lake. Sales are driven by low mortgage rates.

Salzburg real estate in the new builds for sale represents a diverse range of housing under construction. The facilities were built using modern technologies. The demand for residential complexes in Salzburg is great, the apartments are offered on a turnkey basis. The standard European quality of new home for sale is confirmed by customer reviews.

The lowest price per square meter of area in a new home completed in a turnkey condition (according to the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine) is 8,456 USD.

Acquisition of an apartment in Salzburg from a developer by foreign citizens

The sale of apartments from developers to foreigners - non-EU citizens, like any other real estate, is prohibited, except in cases of purchases:

  • foreigners with a student visa,
  • with an Austrian residence permit,
  • with the permission of the land commission.

These restrictions are aimed at providing social support to citizens, primarily residents of Salzburg, preventing speculation in the market, and preventing sharp price increases.

Interesting places to visit

  • Palaces: Klessheim, Hellbrunn, Leopoldskron;
  • Residenzplatz;
  • Capitalplatz;
  • Mirabell Palace and Gardens;
  • Hohensalzburg fortress
  • Salzburg Cathedral;
  • Franciscan Church;
  • The Kollegienkirche church;
  • House of Mozart;
  • Modern Art Museum;
  • Landestheater;
  • Concert complex Mozarteum;
  • Puppet theater;
  • Europark;
  • Zoo.

Purchasing an apartment in a new development in Salzburg is an investment in a city where you can experience positive emotions admiring nature and historical monuments, find new interesting and influential friends, and receive a high rental income.

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