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Abstallerstraße 14a
Abstallerstraße 14a
Graz, Austria
From 5545$ / m2
ID: 14164 | 3 floors
Burgfriedweg 33-35
Burgfriedweg 33-35
Graz, Austria
From 7846$ / m2
ID: 14163 | 4 floors
Messendorfberg 202
Messendorfberg 202
Graz, Austria
From 7363$ / m2
ID: 14162 | 3 floors

New builds in Graz

City on the map

Graz is a city in the southeastern part of Austria, the center of the federal state of Styria, the second largest city in the country. It is located on the banks of the Mur River, two hundred kilometers south-west of Vienna, near the border with Slovenia and fifty kilometers away from Slovenian Maribor.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in a new build in Graz?

Brewing, mechanical engineering, chemical, food and textile industries are developed in the city. There is a large engineering concern. Graz is famous for its Old Town, its center is included in the UNESCO list and also it was the location of the start of Arnold Schwarzenegger's sports bodybuilding career.

More than fifty thousand students study at four universities (and this is in a city with the population of two hundred and eighty thousand), and two more universities of economic and polytechnic directions also carry out educational activities.

The international airport is located nine kilometers away and the main train station is two kilometers from the city center. There is a public transport system in Graz: trams, buses, high-speed trains (S-Bahn).

The climate is temperate and thanks to the Alps, the city is sheltered from cold winds. It is significantly warmer and more sun than in the rest of Austria.

Investing in the new builds for sale from the developers is the goal of many foreign investors. It is an amazingly calm and beautiful city, safe for life and profitable for business. Small apartments and studios are the most common housing in the residential complexes. Such housing is ideal for one or two people, and is in greatest demand on the rental market.

Graz real estate in the new builds for sale is expensive and the quantity of the offers is rather small. Experts are confident that in the future, the cost of housing in the new homes will increase, since buying an apartment from a developer in Graz is a little less prestigious than in Vienna. The demand for residential complexes in Graz is great; the apartments are completed on a turnkey basis. The standard of European quality of new homes for sale is confirmed by customer reviews.

The lowest price per square meter of an apartment in a turnkey condition (according to the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine) - 5,545 USD.

Apartments in Graz from the developers: conditions for foreigners

The sale of apartments from the developers to foreign buyers who are not EU citizens is prohibited, except for the purchase of housing by the following group of foreigners:

  • with student visa,
  • with an Austrian residence permit,
  • with the permission of the land commission.

These restrictions are aimed at providing social support to the citizens, preventing speculation in the market and sharp price increases.


  • Schlosberg castle;
  • Eggenberg Castle;
  • The ruins of the Gesting fortress;
  • Opera theatre;
  • Museum;
  • The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum;
  • The Fried and Fred Museum;
  • Kunsthaus;
  • Arsenal;
  • Cathedral of Saint Egidius;
  • Temple of Mariatrost;
  • Church of the Heart of Christ;
  • Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand;
  • Murinsel;
  • Town hall;
  • Landhouse.

Purchasing an apartment in a new development in Graz is a profitable investment in a tourist city with preserved history, student tenants and a stable strong economy. It is a prestigious pragmatic investment that promises high and consistent passive income.

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