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Object ID: 916
Finished at December 2020
Price, m2 From 620$
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Installment plan Рассрочка до декабря 2020, 1-й взнос от 10%.
Bank mortgage
Property type Aparment building
Square from 24.00 m2
Floors 16
Apartments 680
Building phase Carcase finished
Condition Black walls
Ceiling height 2.80 m.
Construction type Monolyth
Conveniences Parking
Near school
Near kindergarten
Near supermarket
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About the project

Residential complex “Sail Smart” in Lviv is located in the south of the Frankivsk region at a comfortable distance from Streyskaya and Naukova streets.

Nearly a dozen trolleybus and bus routes lie - a stop is only a few minutes away. The distance to the center is six kilometers.

Characteristics of a new building

The concept of the complex is based on the understanding that the unusual attractive appearance of the buildings must be combined with the functionality of the housing and the convenience of its operation. This approach attracts many investors who want to buy an apartment in Parus Smart residential complex from the Parus Development developer in a prestigious area.

The new building includes three houses nine and sixteen floors high, with monolithic reinforced concrete frames and external walls having a good coefficient of energy efficiency. External walls are made of ceramic blocks.

During the construction of the residential complex "Sail Smart" on the street. Truskavetskaya / st. The academician Podstrigach in Lviv is warming the facade with a layer of mineral wool, which perfectly protects against heat loss and noise penetration into the premises.

Panoramic windows allow efficient use of natural daylight, energy-saving double-glazed windows provide comfortable living conditions and minimal heating costs. Loggias and terraces allow you to enjoy the cityscape.

Landscaping and infrastructure

Residential complex “Parus Smart” is a stylish new building with a territory landscaped in accordance with modern standards. There are convenient driveways, footpaths paved with paving slabs, comfortable relaxation areas, and ornamental plants are planted. Installed modern street lighting.

On the lower two floors of the built-in and attached premises are located objects of their own infrastructure.

Nearby there is a shopping complex and a large entertainment center. Nearby is a business center, several supermarkets and shopping centers. Within walking distance are a school, kindergartens, a market and a water park, a few hundred meters a picturesque park with a small lake.

Parameters and implementation of apartments

A significant advantage of the complex, which distinguishes it from many other new buildings, is the wide range of proposed options for space and layouts of 1-2-3-room apartments.

Each client is given the chance to find the perfect accommodation in accordance with their own requirements and financial capabilities. Among the available types of real estate in high demand, there are carefully thought-out smart apartments, as well as two-level comfortable housing on the upper floors.

You can clarify the amount of finishing work with which the sale of apartments in the Sail Smart residential complex is carried out, the prices and the payment procedure can be obtained from the company representatives by phone indicated on the main page of the official website. Photos of the complex and reviews about the developer are published in social networks and on forums for future new settlers.


Parus Development is a leading real estate company in the Ukrainian market. Our areas of activity are the design, construction and implemen…
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Parus Smart on the map of Lviv

S t. Truskavetskaya / st. Académico Podstrigach, Frankivskyi District


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