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Object ID: 1778
Finished at November 2019
Price, m2 From 1800$
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Installment plan no
Bank mortgage
Property type Villa
Square from 2225.00 m2
Floors 2
Apartments 205
Building phase Completed
Condition Fresh renovation
Construction type Monolyth
Security Security
Conveniences Parking
Kids playground
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About the project


This lavish selectin of villas is located in Hayat Island, a sublime natural environment with a diverse residential community. The development consists of 205 low-rise luxury units with breath-taking beachfront views, and provides everyone with the opportunity to find something they admire.


Marbella Villas display a striking, clean, ultramodern framework that is sure to wow from whichever angle it is viewed. The extensive balconies, which stretch around the back face of the buildings, allow for far-reaching views of the Arabian Gulf for the residents and add to the state-of-the-art design scheme of the exterior. High-quality wooden slats make up part of the outside aesthetic and compliment the white and brown tones of the other walls around it. Glass panelling and tall sweeping metal pillars shroud the property, showing off the phenomenal, high-class architecture with every vertex. The villas stand proudly, oozing confidence and prestige with the blend of meticulously-maintained floral aspects around the perimeter and the overall construction quality of the dwelling. Rooftop patios and decking are included with every house and overlook the stunning beach so you and your loved ones can enjoy a bubbling glass of champagne every evening surrounded by the picturesque scene and tropical nature.


Each marvellous villa in this gorgeous selection spreads its beauty over two floors, providing occupants with ample space to live a fulfilling, extravagant life. Layouts of all the homes vary but one aspect doesn’t change – the open-plan concept. Ranging in footprints from 2419 to 5842.97 sq. ft., this establishment boasts a fantastic cost value of $180/sq. ft., handing potential buyers a life of luxury for an affordable, wonderful price. Regardless of the villa you choose in the end, you are guaranteed to be provided with unparalleled waterfront views, innovative design, unrivalled rooftop areas and an open-plan, flowing, harmonious space.

Living Area

The interior design scheme works in perfect unison with the expertly-created exterior aesthetic. White and neutral tones of grey and creams allow the already wide space to appear even larger with the airy atmosphere the colours create. Accented colours such as mustard yellow are scattered throughout the living area to make a statement and provide interest. Enviable ceiling light fixtures are perfectly placed, hanging directly over the coffee table and spreading a warm, cosy light once night falls. However, when the sun is shining, the floor-to-ceiling extensive glass panelling enables all the natural light to filter in and brighten up the area.


The expert design of the living areas continues seamlessly through into the bedrooms. These grand spaces provide intimacy and privacy in the most lavish way. A large, plush double bed stands proudly in the centre of the room, however, this is just the co-star of the show as royally presented before you is the divine view of the water. The transcendent vista is truly show stopping – pictures will never do this glorious place justice.

Garden Area

To the back of the properties sit lush flower beds blooming with an assortment of flowers in shades of pinks, whites and reds, creating a homely yet luxurious vibe. Neighbouring these are tall, well-maintained trees standing like gentle guards around the villa. Even the front-facing side has natural elements; trees line the streets and meticulously-kept lawns flood the join between driveway and road creating a balanced harmony between the man-made and the all-natural.

Recreational Activities

Marbella Villas offer an exclusive range of recreational activities for its occupants. Whether you want to work up a sweat, relax and rejuvenate or find an entertaining activity for the whole family – this location truly has it all. The development itself provides a high-specification gym, calming yoga space, rolling green parks, vibrant and versatile play areas for the children, tennis court and various swimming pools for all ages. Just outside the dwellings sit the miraculous beaches of Hayat Island and the tranquil, turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea. Relaxing, playing or swimming here is the best day out for most of the people residing here. Alongside this, Marbella Villas are situated in the perfect location for all of Ras Al Khaimah’s spas, versatile cuisine options and fun-filled theme parks.

Resident Services

24-hour security is delivered to every resident’s home, ensuring that everyone feels blissfully safe and secure with the knowledge that they are being taken care of, no matter what happens. Private parking in the form of garages connected to each individual dwelling offers reassurance that every aspect of their life is being taken of. However, the exceptionally low crime rate (almost 0%) makes this area one of the safest in the world, so security is not something to dream about – you will find it here. There are excellent bus connections in this area, transporting people to the smaller villages or right across to other emirates such as Sharjah and Ajman. Also, people living here are able to easily travel much further afield as the Ras Al Khaimah International Airport is located just on the outskirts of the city.

As the master developers continue to mould this area into an even more decadent destination, the amenities and services to which the residents have access continue to grow and transform their already 5-star lifestyle into something that is truly off the charts. 


Thanks to its vibrant atmosphere, Ras Al Khaimah, the northern most emirate of the UAE, is now one of the top choices for international investors and tourists. The area offers a variety of terrains including the long coastline, expansive desert, sky-touching mountain ranges and the rich plains; the sheer medley of environments here present both residents and travellers an extremely interesting location to be a part of.

The emirate’s main goal is to increase the occupant’s quality of life, social interaction and provide a safe and secure destination; this has already been achieved with the aforementioned, spectacularly low crime rate, diverse cafés and gourmet restaurants to aid the community feel, along with the range of sports and leisure facilities, such as golf, to add a touch of fun to everyone’s days.


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