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Cosmonauts 11
Cosmonauts 11
From 820$ / m2
ID: 4170 | 25 floors
From 1380$ / m2
ID: 4164 | 25 floors
Moscow Quarter
Moscow Quarter
From 1110$ / m2
ID: 4162 | 32 floors
From 1150$ / m2
ID: 4161 | 32 floors
Quarter Federation
Quarter Federation
From 1140$ / m2
ID: 4159 | 20 floors
From 1020$ / m2
ID: 4156 | 23 floors
7 klyuchey
7 klyuchey
From 910$ / m2
ID: 4154 | 28 floors
From 900$ / m2
ID: 4152 | 26 floors
From 580$ / m2
ID: 4150 | 10 floors
From 1330$ / m2
ID: 4148 | 27 floors
Komsomolskaya 67
Komsomolskaya 67
From 1260$ / m2
ID: 4146 | 37 floors
From 1010$ / m2
ID: 4144 | 25 floors
Club house Rodonitovy
Club house Rodonitovy
From 1120$ / m2
ID: 4142 | 26 floors
From 950$ / m2
ID: 4140 | 24 floors
House on Opalikhinskaya
House on Opalikhinskaya
From 1190$ / m2
ID: 4138 | 16 floors
From 1230$ / m2
ID: 4136 | 16 floors
From 880$ / m2
ID: 4134 | 5 floors
Suomen Ranta
Suomen Ranta
From 1170$ / m2
ID: 4132 | 25 floors
Southern quarters
Southern quarters
From 1170$ / m2
ID: 4129 | 17 floors
Northern Quarter
Northern Quarter
From 1250$ / m2
ID: 4128 | 16 floors
Shishimskaya Gorka
Shishimskaya Gorka
From 920$ / m2
ID: 4126 | 15 floors
From 840$ / m2
ID: 4124 | 15 floors
Club House Lenina 8
Club House Lenina 8
From 1460$ / m2
ID: 4122 | 28 floors
Parkovyy kvartal
Parkovyy kvartal
From 1110$ / m2
ID: 4120 | 35 floors

New buildings in Yekaterinburg

City on the map

Yekaterinburg is a city in Russia, located on the eastern slope of the Middle Urals, along the banks of the Iset River in its upper reaches.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in Yekaterinburg in a new building?

Yekaterinburg is one of the largest economic centers in the country, where such industries are developed: metallurgy and metalworking, IT development, production of electronic and optical equipment, electrical equipment, chemical, food, publishing and printing. The city is considered a financial center - a large number of federal and regional financial and credit organizations are concentrated there.

The city has an airport serving international flights, a railway station, almost all types of urban public transport are represented: metro, buses, trams, electric trains.

Twenty state universities carry out educational activities here with more than one hundred and forty thousand students.

Yekaterinburg is located on the border of a temperate continental and continental climate, that is, weather conditions are changeable, with sharp temperature fluctuations: in winter - severe frosts, thaws and rains; in summer - it is hot (above + 35°C), but there are abnormal cold snaps as well.

The demand for real estate in Yekaterinburg in the new buildings is satisfied by a large supply. Developers proved to be flexible and took into account the increase in demand for residential complexes in Yekaterinburg, saturating the market in a timely manner; sales have been good over the past year and a half. In addition, low mortgage rates played a role too. Experts believe that the supply for new buildings will remain as large in the medium term, unless something extraordinary happens, for example, the ruble begins to depreciate sharply, purchasing power decreases, etc.

The sale of apartments from developers is carried out in black frame condition. The standard quality is confirmed by customer reviews. New buildings in Yekaterinburg from the developers are being built using modern technologies.

Buying an apartment in a residential complex can be relatively inexpensive by the standards of the Russian primary real estate market.

The lowest price per square meter in a new building (apartments in black frame condition) is 580 USD (according to information from the GEOLN.COM search engine).

Acquisition of an apartment in Yekaterinburg from a developer by foreign citizens

No decisions or draft laws regarding the establishment of special conditions for the acquisition of housing in the new buildings by investors from abroad have yet been adopted. Foreigners have the right to buy an apartment from a developer in Yekaterinburg without restrictions.

Interesting places to visit

  • Museums of: history, fine arts, stone-cutting and jewelry art, local history;
  • Temple Na Krovi;
  • Sevostyanov's house;
  • The estate of the Rastorguev-Kharitonovs;
  • Ganina Yama;
  • Observation deck of the Vysotsky business center;
  • "Plotinka";
  • Weiner street;
  • Yeltsin Center;
  • Opera and Ballet Theatre;
  • The circus;
  • Zoo;
  • Arboretum.

Purchasing an apartment in a new building in Yekaterinburg is an investment project that makes it possible to receive a stable income from renting out housing in one of the most powerful cities in Russia in terms of infrastructure development. Experts pay attention to the growing risks associated with the deterioration of the country's economy as a whole and political polarization. Meanwhile investors from Russia and the CIS countries are showing their readiness to purchase primary housing in this city.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Yekaterinburg

DistrictPrices, from
Akademicheskiy850$ / m2
Pionerskiy1010$ / m2
Vtuzgorodok940$ / m2
Kollektivnyy sad "Zapad"860$ / m2
VIZ1090$ / m2

Prices for new buildings near metro stations in Yekaterinburg

MetroPrices, from
Botanicheskaia620$ / m2
Chkalovskaia1110$ / m2
Uralskaia820$ / m2
Bazhovskaia1320$ / m2
Ploshchad 1905 goda1320$ / m2
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