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Sochi, Russia
From 2100$ / m2
ID: 4896 | 12 floors
Caravel of Portugal
Caravel of Portugal
Sochi, Russia
From 1580$ / m2
ID: 4895 | 12 floors
Novaya Zarya
Novaya Zarya
Sochi, Russia
From 1850$ / m2
ID: 4894 | 12 floors
Three Captains
Three Captains
Sochi, Russia
From 1400$ / m2
ID: 4644 | 20 floors
Raz. Dva. Tri!
Raz. Dva. Tri!
Sochi, Russia
From 1590$ / m2
ID: 4643 | 25 floors
Proxladnaya dolina
Proxladnaya dolina
Sochi, Russia
From 1720$ / m2
ID: 4641 | 8 floors
Sun City in Sochi
Sun City in Sochi
Sochi, Russia
From 2210$ / m2
ID: 4640 | 25 floors
Sochi, Russia
From 920$ / m2
ID: 4638 | 13 floors
Sochi, Russia
From 1590$ / m2
ID: 4636 | 19 floors
Sochi, Russia
From 1120$ / m2
ID: 4634 | 2 floors | Townhouse

New builds in Sochi

City on the map

Sochi is a city in Russia located on the northeastern coast of the Black Sea.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in Sochi in the new builds?

The subtropical resort city stretches along the Black Sea coast for one hundred and forty-five kilometers. A wonderful climate, clean sea, fresh air, unique terrain, lush southern vegetation - all this contributes to health promotion. There is practically no winter in its usual sense.

In 2012, Forbes magazine recognized Sochi as the best city for doing business in the country. Since that time, however, the situation has not changed for the better: both in terms of business activity and the population's ability to pay.

The backbone of Sochi's economy is tourism and everything related to serving tourists and providing recreation on the coast and in the surrounding areas. Half of the entire resort potential of the Krasnodar Territory is concentrated in the city; a large number of hotels, rest houses and sanatoriums are located here. Due to the presence of various natural healing springs, well-known balneological clinics in the country have been built here, for example, the popular Matsesta.

In addition to the tourism industry, food and processing industries operate in Sochi.

Residential complexes in Sochi offer a significant number of housing units. The sale of apartments from developers is carried out on installment plan basis, various promotions and discounts are offered. New builds in Sochi from the developers offer investor-buyer modern communications and convenient layout. At the same time, developers do not always comply with the construction deadlines; it is also necessary to be careful when looking at the documents before concluding a contract. Investments in real estate in Sochi can bring passive income (rent, resale).

An apartment in the new builds for sale of Sochi is quite expensive. Nevertheless, living in Sochi has a number of indisputable advantages in relation to many cold regions of Russia: better ecology, including water, cheaper food, no need for winter clothing, sea air - all year round. Therefore, the demand for apartments is great.

You can buy apartments from the developers in Sochi for every taste. According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter is $920 (apartments in black frame condition).

Features of purchasing apartments in Sochi from the developers by foreigners

Foreigners can buy apartments without restrictions. Discussions about toughening requirements for foreigners are actively initiated by individual representatives of pro-government structures. However, there are no decisions or draft laws at the moment.

Highlights of Sochi

The city has a huge number of interesting places popular among tourists. Here are just a few of them:

  • arboretum
  • dolphinarium;
  • Marine Station;
  • Park "Riviera";
  • Olympic park;
  • Fisht stadium;
  • stadium "Shayba";
  • Adler arena;
  • Sochi Park theme amusement park;
  • autodrome;
  • water parks;
  • Akhshtyrskaya cave;
  • Svirsky waterfall;
  • Volkonsky dolmen;
  • Vorontsovskaya cave.

In which area to buy?

Housing in convenient areas, however, is expensive:

  • Central;
  • Hostinsky.

The best Sochi microdistricts that are located in the center:

  • Makarenko (well-developed infrastructure, few new builds for sale);
  • Donskaya (residential microdistrict, new homes in the foothills).

From the rest of the neighborhoods:

  • Zavokzalny - inexpensive options are not offered;
  • Zarechny - there are practically no new homes;
  • Bytkha - you can directly access the sea, there are not enough primary housing, elite and business class, the infrastructure is more develope, close to the center;
  • Svetlana - there is no railway on the beach, well-developed infrastructure, there are no inexpensive offers;
  • Fabritiusa - a picturesque residential area, primary business-class housing is being built;
  • Kudepsta - construction is practically not carried out;
  • Khosta area - many beaches, a favorite place for walking, housing mainly of comfort and business class;

The Adler area and the Dagomys village are good for life. Economy-class apartments, well-groomed beaches and developed infrastructure are being built in Dagomys.

It is worth inquiring about new homes for sale in such micro-districts as: Mamayka, Matsesta, Maly Akhun - here it is possible to buy apartments from economy to elite class.

New developments in Sochi are a project for wealthy lovers of domestic recreation and investors looking to invest in Russia. There is fertile climate, nature and a system of health institutions that has developed over decades.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Sochi

DistrictPrice from
Dagomys 1,580$ / m2
Golovinka 1,120$ / m2
Makarenko 1,590$ / m2
Novaya Zarya 920$ / m2
Verkhnyaya Matsesta 2,210$ / m2
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