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Belaya Dacha v Kotelnikakh
Belaya Dacha v Kotelnikakh
From 1530$ / m2
ID: 4123 | 25 floors
Pervyy klubnyy dom v Lyubertsakh
Pervyy klubnyy dom v Lyubertsakh
From 1350$ / m2
ID: 4067 | 22 floors
Twin House in Lyubertsy
Twin House in Lyubertsy
From 1970$ / m2
ID: 4064 | 22 floors
Kuzminsky forest
Kuzminsky forest
From 1410$ / m2
ID: 4020 | 25 floors
Zhulebino Park
Zhulebino Park
From 1490$ / m2
ID: 4012 | 25 floors
Orange Park
Orange Park
From 1630$ / m2
ID: 4007 | 30 floors

New buildings in Moscow near the Kotelniki metro station

Metro Kotelniki is the southern terminal station of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line of the Moscow metro, located on the southeastern outskirts of the capital within the administrative boundaries of the city of the same name. It has seven exits (the Opytnoye Pole microdistrict, Novoryazanskoe highway, Kuzminsky forest park, Belye Rosy residential complex, streets Privolnaya, Marshal Poluboyarov, Aircraft Designer Mil).

This location is becoming attractive for investment and home purchase for the purpose of permanent residence. Students and couples are attracted by the proximity to Moscow, a large number of shopping centers, cafes (33 penguins, Sinabon, Barcelona, Burgerking, etc.), forest parks within walking distance.

From the metro station you can get to the unique estate "Belaya Dacha" by minibus (style - classicism, mid-18th century), not far from the temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (17th century).

Apartments in the new buildings near Kotelniki are offered taking into account different needs and material capabilities. New buildings are attractive in terms of price. You can buy a two-room apartment twice cheaper than in Moscow, while the capital is nearby. Having bought an apartment in a new building near Kotelniki metro station, you can get to your job conveniently or study in the capital city.

On the territory in the area of the Kotelniki metro station, there are many enterprises of various industries: the production of building materials, metal structures, electrical and chemical industries, a well-known company - the agricultural firm "Belaya Dacha".

How to find new buildings near the Kotelniki metro station in Moscow

The choice of a project on the GEOLN.COM website (real estate search engine anywhere in the world) is possible in four clicks:

✔ Country: Russia

✔ City: Moscow

✔ Area: Kotelniki metro station

➢ Search.

And ... the list of new buildings is ready!

You can find technical characteristics, prices, location, infrastructure of each building project near the Kotelniki station.

Additionally, you can request floor plans of the new buildings.

There are four residential complexes under construction near the Kotelniki metro station (according to GEOLN.COM). The minimum price per square meter of space (black frame condition ) in a new building is 1,410 USD - quite inexpensive by the standards of the Moscow real estate market.

You can buy an apartment near the Kotelniki metro station in a new building in black frame condition , as well as on a turnkey basis (renovation, furnishings, household appliances are included).

New buildings in the districts of Moscow

Prices for apartments in new buildings near the Kotelniki station (current as of January 2022)

Object Price
Orange Park 63570$
Zhulebino Park 29800$
Pervyy klubnyy dom v Lyubertsakh 72900$
Belaya Dacha v Kotelnikakh 58140$
Kuzminsky forest 28200$

New buildings near the metro station in Moscow

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