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From 2720$ / m2
ID: 3993 | 26 floors
Level Streshnevo
Level Streshnevo
From 2280$ / m2
ID: 3814 | 25 floors
Gorod na Reke Tushino-2018
Gorod na Reke Tushino-2018
From 3000$ / m2
ID: 3776 | 19 floors

Prices for apartments in new buildings in the Tushino district (current as of January 2022)

Object Price
ALIA 62560$
Level Streshnevo 52440$
Gorod na Reke Tushino-2018 114000$

New buildings in the districts of Moscow


How many new buildings from the developers are in the area Tushino?
What is the average price per sq. m. for new buildings in the district where Tushino is located?
What are the top 3 most popular new builds in the district where Tushino is located?