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Real estate in new builds from developers of Alicante

Key ready houses
Key ready houses
From 3730$ / m2
ID: 17632 | 2 floors
La Isla 2
La Isla 2
From 2680$ / m2
ID: 17432 | 2 floors
Bali Residencial
Bali Residencial
From 3660$ / m2
ID: 17431 | 4 floors
Alfonso X
Alfonso X
From 2550$ / m2
ID: 11566 | 6 floors
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Resale property from owners in Alicante

Apartments on the first line of Postiguet beach in Alicante
Apartments on the first line of Postiguet beach in Alicante
183,000$ Sold
ID: 26356 | 60 m2 | Floor: 2 | Apartment
Villa 3 bedrooms 124 m² in La Finca Golf, Spain
Villa 3 bedrooms 124 m² in La Finca Golf, Spain
ID: 22730 | 124 m2 | Villa
Villa 3 bedrooms 203 m² in La Finca Golf, Spain
Villa 3 bedrooms 203 m² in La Finca Golf, Spain
ID: 22713 | 203 m2 | Villa
Villa 3 bedrooms 148 m² in La Finca Golf, Spain
Villa 3 bedrooms 148 m² in La Finca Golf, Spain
ID: 22712 | 148 m2 | Villa
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Real estate in Alicante

Location, climate, and economy

Alicante is a municipality and resort city in Spain, located on the Mediterranean coast.

The climate is Mediterranean, seasonal temperature fluctuations are insignificant. The average annual temperature in the city is +16 degrees Celsius. Winter is mild, summer is hot, the wettest months are September and October.

The economy of the city is, first of all, the service sector (tourism, finance, trade, transport), as well as light and food industries and agriculture (winemaking, olive oil, tobacco, citrus and fruit growing).

Market and real estate prices in Alicante

The real estate market in Alicante is in the process of growth. Foreigners prefer to buy real estate in Alicante in the secondary market (about 85 percent of the total number of transactions), since there is less supply and higher cost in the segment of new buildings (customer reviews confirm the compliance of residential complexes with EU standards). However, the share of purchases of commissioned facilities is increasing annually. Real estate in Alicante is available to foreigners. Based on an expert analysis of the sales structure, it can be concluded that foreign investors are more willing to purchase apartments in residential complexes than houses. The most liquid is residential real estate in Alicante in projects under construction in the beach area, it is also a profitable acquisition for the purpose of renting to tourists. Since the annual profitability of a commercial fund in Alicante is 6%, investing in this segment is very promising.

Buying residential property in Alicante is preferable for several reasons:

  • favorable climatic conditions,
  • developed transport infrastructure (international airport, major seaport, rail and bus service),
  • a large center for catching fish and seafood,
  • tourist attraction all year round (architectural and historical sights),
  • existence of the entertainment industry.

Now is a good time to buy real estate, as the value of real estate in Alicante has stabilized after rising during the period 2018-2020. For investors, this is good in the sense that there is a significant increase in demand on the rental market.

The minimum price of real estate, according to the number 1 real estate search engine - GEOLN.COM:

  • apartments: new building - from 1765 USD/sq. m, the secondary fund - from 2760 USD/sq.m,
  • bungalow (2 bedrooms, 66 sq.m) - 169900 USD
  • townhouse (3 bedrooms, 105 sq.m) - 209,000 USD,
  • villa (3 bedrooms, 109 sq.m) - 249,900 USD.

Due to the high dynamics of price changes, it makes sense to clarify the information that is current at the time of the request.

Property types for sale:

primary and secondary fund: apartments in residential complex, separate houses, cottages, villas, bungalows;

  • commercial facilities (warehouse, office, retail space, hotels, apartment buildings, etc.);
  • land plots.

The GEOLN.COM real estate website with a user-friendly interface allows you to quickly search the real estate catalog from developers or owners in the secondary market without an intermediary, get expert advice. The sale of real estate in Alicante is regulated by law, transactions are transparent and safe, but in order to minimize risks, it is advisable to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations.

Buying real estate in Alicante is a profitable investment that gives you the opportunity to live, relax, and receive rental income in a city on the Mediterranean coast with a wonderful climate and developed European-level resort infrastructure.

Real estate prices in Alicante

DistrictPrice from
Gran Alacant 2,880$ / m2
Juan XXIII 2,130$ / m2
La Condomina 2,050$ / m2
PAU-5 3,670$ / m2
San Anton 2,550$ / m2
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