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Rotterdam, Netherlands
From 6000$ / m2
ID: 16630 | 35 floors
Rotterdam, Netherlands
From 6500$ / m2
ID: 16532 | 4 floors
Rotterdam, Netherlands
From 5130$ / m2
ID: 16528 | 16 floors
Rotterdam, Netherlands
From 8340$ / m2
ID: 16511 | 16 floors

New builds in Rotterdam

Location and climate

Rotterdam is a city in the Netherlands, located at the confluence of the Nieuwe Meuse River into the North Sea. The climate is temperate maritime (quite cool summers and mild winters), characterized by a significant amount of precipitation during the year, the average annual temperature is about 11°C.

Why buying an apartment from a developer in Rotterdam is profitable?

The city is the largest transport hub; there are railways, highways, the northern sea route, and the river route pass through it along the Nieuwe Maas River. The port handles cargo from Europe, as well as from other continents. The petrochemical industry makes a significant contribution to the city's economy (there are oil refineries in the port area).

Rotterdam is a bright showcase of modern architecture, world-famous companies MVRDV, OMA develop and implement new design projects. Restoring Rotterdam after the end of World War II, the authorities decided not to rebuild the completely lost historical monuments, but to create new architecture to make the city unique, bright, and memorable; many creative buildings appeared that became attractions. And this decision turned out to be correct - up to five million guests visit the city every year.

Higher education in the city is at a decent modern level. There is the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

The transport infrastructure is developed: the subway and shuttle buses operate well; there is an intercity high-speed tram line (similar to the subway).

Real estate in Rotterdam in the new builds for sale is growing in popularity. The fact is that this city has recently been considered as a possible capital of the country. Renting primary real estate is also becoming more expensive year by year. Certain types of apartments in Rotterdam already cost more than in Amsterdam. The demand for residential complexes in Rotterdam is also growing due to the labor migration of foreign specialists who are willing to buy and rent housing in the new residential complexes. The sale of apartments from developers is carried out in compliance with the law, and the quality of the objects complies with EU building standards, which is confirmed by customer reviews.

According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of space in a new home from a developer in Rotterdam (apartments handed over in a turnkey condition) is 5,130 USD.

What to visit

  • Erasmus bridge
  • Euromast
  • Cubic houses
  • Church of St. Lawrence (15th-16th century)
  • White House
  • Blidorp zoo
  • Arboretum Trompenburg
  • Market
  • Plaswijk park

Acquisition of apartments in Rotterdam from the developers by foreigners

Foreign investors can buy apartments in Rotterdam in the new homes for sale without restrictions.

Purchasing an apartment in a new development in Rotterdam is a promising investment in order to obtain a stable rental income and live in a city of bright modern architecture, which is popular among tourists.

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