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La Parenthese
La Parenthese
Paris, France
From 12750$ / m2
ID: 12830 | 6 floors
Hors Du Temps
Hors Du Temps
Paris, France
From 21700$ / m2
ID: 12829 | 6 floors
Mon 18e
Mon 18e
Paris, France
From 11470$ / m2
ID: 12828 | 17 floors

New builds in Paris

Location on the map and climate

Paris is the capital and largest metropolis of France, located on the banks of the Seine River. It is located in a zone of moderate continental climate, at the junction of two natural phenomena: warm and humid sea air and continental cold air from the north and northeast.

Why is it still profitable to buy an apartment in a new build for sale in Paris?

The capital of France is considered the most elegant city, a symbol of love, romance, fashion, and sophistication. But it is not only with these qualities that it affects the world, referring to the cities of global importance. The headquarters of UNESCO and international corporations are located in Paris, this is the most important economic center, where about a third of the country's GDP is produced, almost all French banks, insurance and other credit, financial organizations, and major telecommunications companies operate there as well. In the rating of attractiveness for investors, he holds the palm among the cities of continental Europe.

Paris has a developed service and industrial sector, including small businesses involved in the production of goods and construction. The tourism business is at a high level, the scale of which is simply enormous, given the popularity of the metropolis.

Paris is the largest transport hub. The river port is the second largest in Europe. The city's transport system is represented by buses, trams, water transport (catamaran), metro, taxi network, bike rental, and a short-term electric car rental network. Seven central stations of the city serve various directions of train movement, and four international airports receive flights.

The best educational institutions in France are located in the capital, the leading student city in the world. Among them - the University of Paris, founded in 1257, as well as the Institute of France, consisting of 5 academies, the most prestigious is the French Academy of Language and Literature. Other universities also offer their curricula.

Paris has a lot to see and many places to visit. Many sights of the city are included in the UNESCO list. There are some of them listed below:

  • The Eiffel Tower,
  • The Louvre,
  • Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris,
  • Orsay Museum of Art,
  • Basilica of Sacre Coeur,
  • Palace of Versailles,
  • Avenue Des Champs-Elysees,
  • The Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile,
  • District of Montmartre,
  • Tuileries garden,
  • Catacombs,
  • Luxembourg Gardens,
  • Cabaret Moulin Rouge,
  • Rodin Museum,
  • The Picasso Museum,
  • Modern Art Museum,
  • Center Georges Pompidou,
  • Landscape park Field of Mars.

True, at the present time, in the conditions of a relative lull in prices, those who buy real estate in Paris in the form of two- and one-room apartments do not seek to make a significant profit, but rather want to secure their investments. The situation on the new housing market is gradually improving. Nowadays, residential complexes are being built to a greater extent in Paris in its residential areas. It should be noted that the price is more expensive there, and the area is larger as well. The demand for elite housing has become higher, but the interest in economy class real estate has slightly decreased.

The sale of apartments from developers in France is carried out in a matter of weeks to the satisfaction of the developers. Housing in new homes for sale is of high quality, which is confirmed by customer reviews, and is carried out with guarantees. Institutional investors and insurance companies are massively trying to buy an apartment from a developer in Paris in a residential complex in order to survive the inflation caused by the injection of freshly printed money into the economy.

The minimum price per square meter of space handed over in a turnkey condition (according to the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine) is 11,470 USD.

Acquisition of an apartment in Paris from a developer by foreign citizens

In France, there are no restrictions on the purchase of real estate in a new home by foreigners. It is allowed to acquire ownership of an apartment in any region of the country.

Purchasing an apartment in a new development in Paris is a high-quality and high-profile investment that provides a stable and high rental income in a city that tourists love to visit and where students from all over the world prefer to study, also it has the best rating of business activity.

Information prepared by real estate expert in Paris - Diana Kabakci
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