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From 410$ / m2
ID: 2937 | 14 floors
Yeni Masazir
Yeni Masazir
From 350$ / m2
ID: 2934 | 11 floors
Absheron City
Absheron City
From 470$ / m2
ID: 2932 | 7 floors
From 380$ / m2
ID: 2930 | 13 floors
From 410$ / m2
ID: 2928 | 14 floors

New buildings in Masazir

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Masazir is a village in Azerbaijan, on the shore of the lake of the same name, it is located 16 km from Baku.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in a new building of Masazir?

The small village became famous thanks to the lake of the same name, which is called the Dead Sea of Azerbaijan. The reservoir is one of the eight most famous pink lakes in the world. The pinkish water is caused by algae, which change color according to the salt level when exposed to the sun. The lake turns bright red in the summer, in the evening, at the end of a sunny day. Unfortunately, it is not free to visit, there is a salt processing plant here, the reservoir can only be photographed. But the beauty of the natural site is really mesmerizing, tourists come willingly. Aerial photography is an effective way to capture beautiful bird's-eye views.

On the lake, constant monitoring of the water composition is carried out in order to prevent the discharge of waste water from the nearby houses of the village.

The village has a semi-desert climate, hot and dry. The temperature for most of the year is +20 - +30 degrees Celsius, only in the coldest time +10 - +20.

The village has a furniture factory, three secondary schools, a library, a weightlifting center, a football stadium, and an equipped medical center.

Masazir real estate in the new buildings attracts those wishing to buy housing at a more affordable price with the same level of comfort as in Baku (the capital is close, you can quickly get there by taxi, bus).

Developers are equipping residential complexes in Masazir with reliable engineering systems. New buildings in Masazir from the developers are being built using new technologies that meet international standards. There are few new buildings in the village. Most of the residential complexes are being built in the center, where the infrastructure is better. Also, apartment buildings are being built next to the famous salt lake. You can buy an apartment from a developer in Masazir at an affordable price in places remote from the center at the initial stage of construction.

The sale of apartments from developers is carried out in black frame condition, the minimum price per square meter of area in a new building (according to the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine) is 350$.

Acquisition of an apartment in Masazir from a developer by foreign citizens

According to the law, a foreigner can buy an apartment in a new building on the same grounds as a citizen of Azerbaijan, that is, without restrictions.

Attractions of the village

  • In addition to the salt lake, you can see architectural monuments: the Khan's garden (15-17 centuries), the mausoleum (13 century).

An apartment in a new building in Masazira - buying for life is interesting for local residents and migrants, given that you can buy comfortable housing near Baku (20 minutes by car), but much cheaper than in the capital.

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