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Zehra Konaklari
Zehra Konaklari
From 765$ / m2
ID: 5589 | 2 floors
From 1030$ / m2
ID: 4825 | 2 floors

New buildings in Marmaris

City on the map

Marmaris is a resort town and port in Turkey, located at the confluence of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

Why is it profitable to buy apartments in Marmaris in the new buildings?

In Marmaris, priority is given to three areas of the economy: tourism, transport and trade. There is a port in the city, through which the trade flow of the Mediterranean region passes. There is no industry as such, the locals are engaged in the sale of souvenirs, household goods, food, and, of course, most of the population works in the service sector. Renting out a home is also a lucrative pursuit.

The transport infrastructure is quite developed: people get to Marmaris through Dalaman airport. Travel time by bus to the city is 1.5 km. Public transport consists of two kinds of taxis. In addition to public transport, they use rented cars, motorcycles, scooters.

The climate is Mediterranean: summer is long and hot, winter is humid and short. The water temperature in the Aegean Sea in May exceeds 20 degrees and reaches 28 degrees Celsius in August, remaining warm until October. Autumn is very comfortable.

The city is located in a picturesque mountain valley surrounded by pine forests. Sailing enthusiasts consider this place to be an iconic one. The idyll of harmony with nature is not often disturbed by storm warnings.

But this, nevertheless, is not a seclusion corner, but the Turkish analogue of Ibiza. This is the opinion of many young foreign tourists who come here with the main goal of having fun in nightclubs. The old town with narrow streets and low houses transports in time several centuries ago.

The stable positive dynamics of the development of the country's economy in this region stimulates demand and, as a result, an increase in prices for residential real estate. The most popular objects in terms of investment are hotel complexes. Rental profitability can be up to 8 percent per year. This is one of the highest rates in the world. Not all tourists have the opportunity to live in luxury hotels, so many are ready to rent an apartment. Moreover, in terms of the quality characteristics of a residential facility and the offered service, residential complexes are not inferior to a hotel. For investors in new buildings in Marmaris, favorable conditions have been formed for effective investment and receiving passive income from the rental of primary housing and its further resale.

Residential complexes in Marmaris are being built in compliance with advanced technologies, Turkish builders have the necessary professional experience and receive good feedback on the quality of work. The sale of apartments from developers can be carried out on a full payment basis or in installments, various promotions and discounts are offered. New buildings in Marmaris from the developers are new high-tech communications and thought out to the smallest detail modern apartment layout.

Taking into account the rise in prices (housing in Turkey has a steady upward trend, as clearly underestimated, especially in resort cities, and also due to the increase in the cost of building materials) in the medium term, the income of investors from rental housing will be high.

It is still relatively inexpensive to buy an apartment from the developers in Marmaris in comparison with other popular resort places in the world, which Marmaris is in no way inferior in terms of natural qualities and service. According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of area in black frame condition is 765 USD.

Purchase of housing by foreigners

There are no restrictions for foreigners, they can buy apartments in Marmaris from the developers.

Highlights of the city

  • Fort Marmaris
  • Bar street
  • Aqua Dream water park
  • Marmaris National Park
  • Netsel Marina
  • dolphinarium
  • Grand Bazaar market
  • amphitheater

Areas of the city where it is more profitable to buy real estate

Real estate in Marmaris in the new buildings is concentrated to a large extent in the Armutalan area, which is considered as an area that is somewhat removed from the center, due to which prices are lower.

Purchasing an apartment in one of the new buildings in Marmaris is a status investment for high rental income, resale, comfortable secluded relaxation and active nightlife.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Marmaris

DistrictPrices, from
Childir1030$ / m2
Camdibi765$ / m2

New buildings in the districts of Marmaris

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