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Real estate in new builds from developers of Sagarejo

Villa Ambasador
Villa Ambasador
From 1500$ / m2 Sold
ID: 5046 | 1 floor | Villa

Sagarejo. Hot real estate deals

Villa Ambasador
Villa Ambasador
From 1500$ / m2 Sold
ID: 5046 | 1 floor | Villa

Real Estate in Sagarejo

Location, climate, economy, and infrastructure

Sagarejo is a city in the eastern part of Georgia (Kakheti), the center of the Sagareja municipality, located on the slope of the Gombori Range, 58 km from Tbilisi.

The climate is moderately humid, summers are warm, dry and slightly cloudy, winters are cold, snowy, sometimes cloudy. During the year, the temperature ranges from -4 °C to + 30 °C, rarely below -8 °C or above + 33 °C.

The economy of the city and the municipality is based on viticulture and winemaking: there are wineries that produce famous local wines (Manavis mtsvane, Khashmis saperavi), important industries are the production of wheat flour, chickens and eggs, tobacco, and bricks. The Road Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia is building a section of the Tbilisi-Sagarejo autobahn.

There are many historical monuments here. The most important local brand is the David Gareji Monastery, which is ranked first in the guidebooks in the list of attractions. Also, through Sagarejo, tourists usually head towards Sighnaghi, which is also called the “city of love” in Georgia.

Market and real estate prices in Sagarejo (in the city and municipality)

The real estate market in Sagarejo is interesting for foreign investors who prefer to invest in elite business projects related to the construction of villas with land plots for winemaking and leisure infrastructure. The demand for such real estate in Sagarejo is growing, as a result, prices are increasing.

The cost of real estate in Sagarejo (per sq.m): apartment in the secondary market - from 320 USD, detached houses in the secondary market - from 100 USD, commercial premises - from 1200 USD, villas - from 1500 USD. Price values are dynamic, so only up-to-date information can be useful.

 Property types for sale

Real estate in Sagarejo (primary and secondary) is apartments in low-rise buildings, detached houses, and commercial premises (warehouse, retail, office buildings, guesthouses).

 Villas are a new direction in construction. Their prices are high, but later you can make good money on rent or capitalization due to the constant rise in land prices. Buying residential property in Sagarejo on the primary market is possible at different stages of construction. Customer reviews confirm compliance with building standards.

Real estate site in Sagarejo (full catalog)

To reduce risks, it is advisable to use the recommendations of experts. Investors and buyers can find help on the GEOLN.COM real estate website, where there are many objects for sale all around the world.

Sale of real estate in Sagarejo: nuances

Since the purchase agreements and transactions are drawn up in Georgian, it is important to find an interpreter. Some developers offer a discount, interest-free installments. The new buildings do not have centralized heating, they use gas water heaters, air conditioners with a heating function and other equipment that the owner buys on his own.

Foreign citizens can acquire any real estate, except for agricultural land. If the purchase price is one hundred thousand dollars or more, a non-resident has the right to obtain a residence permit.

Buying real estate in Sagarejo is promising for obtaining a stable income from rent, recreation and work in a calm, comfortable atmosphere.

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