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Osiedle Libero
Osiedle Libero
From 2600$ / m2
ID: 20327 | 6 floors
From 3400$ / m2
ID: 20316 | 10 floors
Osiedle Teczowy Las
Osiedle Teczowy Las
From 1440$ / m2
ID: 8781 | 4 floors
Osiedle Magnolia Mak Dom
Osiedle Magnolia Mak Dom
From 1200$ / m2
ID: 8506 | 6 floors
Osiedle na Skarpie
Osiedle na Skarpie
From 1600$ / m2
ID: 8505 | 6 floors
Rezydencja Vintage
Rezydencja Vintage
From 1690$ / m2
ID: 8451 | 7 floors
Olimpijskie Ogrody
Olimpijskie Ogrody
From 1550$ / m2
ID: 8449 | 7 floors
Villa Nova
Villa Nova
From 1460$ / m2
ID: 8217 | 3 floors

New buildings in Olsztyn

Location and climate

Olsztyn is an ancient city in northern Poland, the capital of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, located on the Lyna River.

The climate is humid continental: summers are comfortable and cloudy, winters are snowy and windy. The average annual temperature is +7°С, the maximum in July is +18°С, the minimum in January (-4°С), the snow cover lasts for 2-3 months.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in Olsztyn in a new building?

For a number of years, Olsztyn has been ranked high in terms of quality of life, income, employment and security (according to the Social Diagnosis rating), and is among the best places in Poland to live and work. The plant of the French company Michelin (tire manufacturer) is the largest employer in the city. Other important sectors of the economy: timber industry, furniture, building materials, food, brewing, and printing. There are many lakes within the city (15), as well as parks and green spaces (more than 20% of the city area), including 910 protected natural monuments (beech, oak, maple and linden alleys)

Olsztyn is the main educational center of northern Poland, students (potential tenants of apartments in new buildings) study at six universities:

  •  University of Warmia and Mazury,
  •  University of Warmian-Mazurian Voivodeship (35,000 students!),
  •  Higher School named after Joseph Rusetsky,
  •  Tadeusz Katarbinski Higher School of Informatics and Management,
  •  High School of Informatics and Economics,
  •  Higher Theological Seminary.

Olsztyn-Mazury Airport is located 60 km south of the city, serving regular international passenger flights (London, Dortmund, Lviv, Krakow and Burgas). Olsztyn has rail and bus connections with other cities in the country. Intracity transport is represented by trams and buses.

A developed industrial infrastructure, an educated young population, a rich cultural and historical heritage make the city attractive for living, as a result of which the demand for Olsztyn real estate in the new buildings is consistently high. Real estate prices in the country, including residential complexes in Olsztyn, are growing by an average of 10% per year, which significantly motivates investors. The sale of apartments from developers provides for compliance with building standards and the availability of infrastructure near new buildings, which is confirmed by customer reviews

The minimum price per square meter of space in an apartment handed over in black frame condition in a new building from a developer in Olsztyn (in accordance with the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine) is 1,200 USD.

What to visit in the city

  •  High Gate (Entrance to the Old City)
  •  Medieval old town
  •  Olsztyn Castle
  •  Cathedral of Saint James
  •  Churches: Our Lady of the Queen of Poland, Resurrection of the Savior, Sacred Heart, St. Lawrence
  •  Market Square
  •  Old Town Hall (14th century)
  •  Archbishop's Palace
  •  New town hall (early 19th century)
  •  Theater of Stefan Jarac (organizer of the international festival Demoludy)
  •  Puppet Theatre
  •  Museums of: Warmia and Mazury, nature, sports
  •  Astronomical observatory
  •  Parks: Castle, Central

Acquisition of apartments in Olsztyn from the developers by foreign citizens

Foreign investors can freely buy apartments from the developers in Olsztyn.

Purchasing an apartment in a new building in Olsztyn is a promising investment in order to obtain a stable rental income and to live in an EU country with a developed economy.

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