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Myslenice, Poland
From 2300$ / m2
ID: 9201 | 1 floor | Cottage
Apartamenty Mickiewicza
Apartamenty Mickiewicza
Myslenice, Poland
From 2300$ / m2
ID: 9118 | 3 floors

New builds in Myslenice

Location, climate, economy, and infrastructure

Myslenice is a city in southern Poland, located 35 km south of Krakow. It is the administrative center of the Myslenitsky poviat of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. The river Raba flows through the city, the southern part of which is mainly occupied by forests. Myslenice is located near the Beskydy Mountains, which provides residents with a magnificent view of the mountains.

The climate is humid continental: summers are comfortable, winters are frosty and snowy. Cloudiness is changeable throughout the year. During the year, the temperature usually ranges from -5°C to +24°C and is rarely below -15°C or above +30°C.

Myslenice is an economically strong city with a flourishing commercial and industrial sector. There is even a special economic zone in the suburbs. Despite this, in the southern part of the city there is a nature reserve, two natural areas and numerous natural monuments. Myslenica has a well-developed social infrastructure: schools, outpatient clinics and cultural institutions provide residents with an adequate standard of living.

Market of new builds in Myslenice

In the local real estate market, the supply of new apartments for sale is systematically developing due to the great interest in Myslenica of investors who are planning to move because of lower prices for accommodation, convenient communication and proximity to the mountains.

Despite the growth in the supply of apartments, demand in the market exceeds supply. New apartments are sold out quickly; there are not too many objects. This state of affairs is explained by high demand from investors, who are also attracted by favorable prices for real estate and the ease of renting or reselling an apartment.

There are residential complexes located in different parts of the city. These are residential quarters built in the center, and apartments in Myslenitsa from the developers in the green part of the city, next to the forest. The latter are the most popular among people who are looking for their own apartment in a place with a lot of recreational areas and a location close to the center. The advantage of the new investment is the availability of parking spaces and a common fenced green area. Residential complexes in Myslenica offer, as a rule, apartments ranging from 50 to 65 square meters.

Prices for new builds for sale in Myslenitsa from the developers

  • The average price of a new apartment in Myslenica is PLN 8,462 per square meter. Average apartment price
  • in the city is PLN 662,333.

Real estate Myslenice in the new homes (types)

Potential investors can choose the following types of real estate in a new home:

  • residential (apartments, houses, flats, etc.);
  • commercial real estate and investment projects (offices, bars, restaurants, hotels, retail premises, etc.).

How to buy an apartment from a developer in Myslenitsa: the nuances of investing

According to Polish law, foreign citizens can freely buy and sell apartments in the country. It does not require any legal status. To buy an apartment in Myslenitsa in a new home for sale is to make a profitable investment and facilitate the process of obtaining a multi-visa and a residence permit.

We suggest that you seek qualified assistance from specialists to minimize risks and losses. GEOLN experts carry out a high-quality selection of an apartment according to the individual parameters of the client. The purchase and sale of apartments from developers in Myslenitsa is accompanied by professionals who provide the preparation of the necessary documents, the complex execution of transactions.

Purchasing an apartment in the Myslenice in one of the new development is a profitable investment, which serves as an excellent way to save capital and guarantees the opportunity to live in an economically developed city with excellent infrastructure.

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