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Kauno Senamiescio
Kauno Senamiescio
From 3100$ / m2
ID: 18656 | 4 floors
Radio City
Radio City
From 1680$ / m2
ID: 18654 | 4 floors
Klevu namai
Klevu namai
From 1590$ / m2
ID: 18624 | 8 floors
Juozapaviciaus 11
Juozapaviciaus 11
From 2400$ / m2
ID: 18523 | 5 floors
Silojaus namai
Silojaus namai
From 1360$ / m2
ID: 18499 | 2 floors
Antagynes namai
Antagynes namai
From 1475$ / m2
ID: 18495 | 2 floors
Du kolegos
Du kolegos
From 1290$ / m2
ID: 18493 | 8 floors
Vytenu kvartalas
Vytenu kvartalas
From 2400$ / m2
ID: 18492 | 2 floors
Lankos 10
Lankos 10
From 3400$ / m2
ID: 18491 | 3 floors
Lampedzio takas
Lampedzio takas
From 3300$ / m2
ID: 18033 | 4 floors
From 1600$ / m2
ID: 18032 | 1 floor
From 2340$ / m2
ID: 18031 | 5 floors
From 3600$ / m2
ID: 17925 | 4 floors

New buildings in Kaunas

Location and climate

Kaunas is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania, located almost in the very center of the country, at the confluence of the Viliya River with the Neman, near the Kaunas Reservoir, 104 km northwest of Vilnius.

The climate is humid continental, with an average annual temperature of about +7°C, relatively mild due to the influence of the Baltic Sea. Kazlu-Rudskaya Pushcha creates a microclimate around the city, regulating humidity and air temperature, protecting it from western winds. Summers are warm and pleasant with an average daily temperature of +21°C, winters are relatively cold, sometimes snowy, with average temperatures ranging from -8 to 0°C.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment from a developer in Kaunas?

Kaunas is a major center of industry, trade and services. The most developed industries are: metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, textile, woodworking, and furniture industries. Recently, information technology and microelectronics have also become an important part of the economy: commercial, housing and road construction is being dynamically carried out, transport logistics and tourism are developing at an accelerated pace. Foreign investors and companies from Finland, Sweden, Estonia, USA, Denmark are actively attracted here.

A number of major highways connecting the Baltic countries pass through Kaunas. The city is an important railway junction; Kaunas International Airport is the second busiest airport in Lithuania. Public transport is represented by buses and trolleybuses.

Kaunas is often referred to as a city of students, with about 50,000 students studying at universities ( Universities of Vytautas the Great, Aleksandras Stulginskis, Mykolas Romeris, applied sciences, technical, sports, etc.).

The high demand for real estate in Kaunas in the new buildings is due to a number of reasons: a large flow of tourists and students (it is profitable to rent the property out), a favorable ecological situation and developed infrastructure (there are necessary social facilities near new buildings), and the relatively low cost of apartments in a residential complex (a rarity for Europe). Residential complexes in Kaunas are represented by a variety of housing, the sale of apartments from developers is carried out in compliance with EU building standards, which is confirmed by customer reviews.

According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of space in a new building from a developer in Kaunas (apartments in a turnkey condition) is 1,290 USD.

What to visit in the city and its surroundings

  • Kaunas castle
  • Kovno fortress
  • Old town of Kėdainiai
  • Alley of freedom
  • Merchant's house of Perkūnas
  • City Hall White Swan
  • Museums: ethnographic, zoological, medicine and pharmaceuticals; museums of folklore music, devils, aviation, M. Čiurlionis (artist and composer)
  • Mykolas Žilinkas Art Gallery
  • Zoo
  • Botanical Garden
  • Oceanarium
  • Churches: Vytautas, St. Trinity, St. George, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Peter and Paul
  • Pazhaislis Monastery
  • Churches: St. George Martyr, St. Francis Xavier, St. Gertrude, Resurrection of Christ
  • Mosque

Kaunas is a cultural center with many professional theaters of various directions (dramatic, musical, pantomime, chamber, puppet, dance). The Kaunas Symphony Orchestra is the main venue for classical music concerts. The city also hosts famous festivals: jazz, operetta, modern dance, folk music, photography.

Acquisition of apartments in Kaunas from the developers by foreigners

Foreign investors can buy apartments in Kaunas in the new buildings without any restrictions.

Purchasing an apartment in a new building in Kaunas is a profitable investment in order to receive income from renting the property out to tourists and students, and live in a city with a developed infrastructure.

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