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From 830$ / m2
ID: 12471 | 9 floors
New City
New City
From 650$ / m2
ID: 3048 | 9 floors
From 710$ / m2
ID: 3046 | 10 floors
Abyroy Residence
Abyroy Residence
From 510$ / m2
ID: 3044 | 9 floors
Samal Town
Samal Town
From 490$ / m2
ID: 3043 | 5 floors
K7 Family
K7 Family
From 520$ / m2
ID: 3041 | 9 floors

New buildings in Atyrau

City on the map

Atyrau is a city located in the western part of Kazakhstan on the banks of the Ural River.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment from the developers in Atyrau?

This city is the unofficial oil capital of Kazakhstan, the largest center for oil and gas production, and a promising investment market. An oil equipment plant and the largest fish cannery in Kazakhstan operate in Atyrau. It is no coincidence that sturgeon and oil rig are on the emblem of the city. Black caviar from Atyrau is well known in the CIS and Europe.

In terms of education, the city has two universities, one of them is oil and gas, and many colleges that provide quality education.

The climate is sharply continental: summer temperatures reach +40-42 degrees, and winter temperatures negative 20-25 degrees Celsius. The conditions are harsh, but the region is fertile in terms of natural resources.

In the conditions of the salt marsh, it is difficult to plant greenery in the city, but nevertheless it has green spaces and shady corners in which you can easily hide from the scorching sun. At the same time, the appearance of Atyrau is improving from year to year, new residential complexes and other modern buildings are being actively built.

The prices per square meter in new buildings in Atyrau cannot be called low. It's all about the city's opportunities, which open up great prospects for education, employment and career growth. However, prices here are lower than in Almaty.

The demand for new buildings in Atyrau from the developers remains consistently high, mainly comfort-class housing is being built, there are also residential complexes that can be classified as elite real estate.

Apartments in Atyrau from the developers, as a rule, are offered on installment plan basis, in addition, buyers receive new communications and more convenient layouts.

Investments in new buildings in Atyrau can bring passive income through renting out housing, resale at higher prices, given that the price of primary real estate in this city is growing all the time.

Residential complexes in Atyrau - housing built in accordance with modern requirements, apartments in the new buildings in Atyrau is considered a status acquisition, however, the minimum price per square meter of an apartment in black frame condition is quite moderate - $490, according to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM.

Real estate in Atyrau in the new building is, first of all, attractive for young residents who connect their fate (life and professional career) with their hometown, for those who come here from the countryside, from post-Soviet countries, specialists working in the relevant industries represented in the city ...

Where is the best place to live and buy real estate in Atyrau?

The townspeople divide Atyrau into “Europe” and “Asia”. The right bank is "Europe": trading houses, business centers, elite buildings are located here, many foreigners live and work here too. This part is in the highest demand among property buyers and investors. Families with children choose this part of Atyrau because of the large number of schools, and young people because of the proximity to the embankment, shopping galleries and restaurants.

The left bank, called "Asia", is a quieter so-called "sleeping area". If you go down from the bridge to the left bank, you can immediately see a roundabout, in the center of which there is a beautiful fountain. The Drama Theater is also located on this bank.

The cheapest apartments are in the Privokzalny and Balkyshy microdistricts, where housing is sold in houses adjacent to warehouses and industrial facilities.

Those who are interested in the sale of apartments from developers in Atyrau, business or elite class, can pay attention to the Avangard and Central microdistricts. However, housing here is much more expensive.

Features of the purchase of apartments by foreigners

Foreigners who have received a residence permit in Kazakhstan can buy an apartment in Atyrau in the new buildings.

Where to go, what to see

  • National Historical Museum;
  • Retro park;
  • Assumption Cathedral;
  • Imangali Mosque;
  • pedestrian bridge across the Ural River "10 years of independence";
  • Architectural ensemble Akmechet-Beckett;
  • aquapark;
  • Cretaceous outcrops Akkeregeshin and Aktolagai;
  • The ancient settlement Saraishyk.

Investment in primary real estate in Atyrau is a permanent income, and, in addition, a status investment in the future of your city and country.

New buildings in the districts of Atyrau

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