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New buildings in Kobuleti

Kobuleti on the map

Kobuleti is the city of Adjara, Georgia (the railway station has the same name). It is located on the shores of the Black Sea, 21 km north of Batumi.

Why is it profitable to buy apartments from developers in Kobuleti?

Investors are showing particular interest in the city's primary real estate. Since the market for new buildings is just beginning to develop, the cost of apartments is still moderate, but it may become higher as the infrastructure develops. It attracts guests looking for relaxation by the sea in a subtropical climate. They are ready to rent real estate at reasonable prices with a sufficient level of comfort.

The growing demand for new buildings in Kobuleti from the developers is also associated with a favorable environmental situation in the city and the region, liberal migration legislation of Georgia, hospitality, safety and friendly attitude towards tourists. The city is considered a family resort: the entrance to the sea is shallow so swimming for children is safe.

Investments in real estate in Kobuleti in the new buildings can bring passive income from renting your property out or resale of housing at a higher price. Tourists from Georgia, post-Soviet countries and Europe come to the city. Residential complexes in Kobuleti offer modern apartments with convenient layouts and new communications. European standards and the latest Georgian regulations are observed during the construction process. Developers offer various promotions in the form of discounts and payment by installments, so it is still possible to buy an apartment in the new buildings in Kobuleti inexpensively.

According to the information from the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of space in the residential complex of Kobuleti is $800 (apartments in black frame condition).

Where is it better to buy apartments from the developers in Kobuleti?

The city has four parallel streets along the sea coast. The visiting card is Queen Tamara Street, the busiest is David the Builder Avenue, and beyond the avenue, away from the coast, there are Rustaveli Street and April 9th. Street. Rustaveli Street is a non-tourist part of the city.

It is better to buy an apartment closer to the sea in the area of the embankment with a good view. Residential complex Investi is located a few hundreds of meters from the sea, that is, in the best place in Kobuleti. There’s E70 highway, along which you can drive next to the coast of Georgia.

Features of the purchase of apartments by foreigners

Foreigners can purchase apartments in Kobuleti from the developers without restrictions.

Highlights of the city and its surroundings

  • Promenade and beach;
  • Church of the Ascension - an example of Georgian temple architecture;
  • Museum of Local History;
  • Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
  • Seaside Park;
  • Reserve of Spain with nesting sites of rare birds;
  • Amusement Park "Tsitsinatela" (at the northern exit from Kobuleti);
  • Park "Georgia in miniature" (exact copies of houses, churches, Svan towers, other attractions);
  • Mtirala Park with endemic plants and animals listed in the Red Book.

Purchasing an apartment in the new buildings in Kobuleti is an excellent start to life by the sea and a profitable investment in housing in the developing resort town.

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