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So Saint-mitre - 13eme Arrondissement
So Saint-mitre - 13eme Arrondissement
Marseille, France
From 6450$ / m2
ID: 12835 | 4 floors
Signature - 9eme Arrondissement
Signature - 9eme Arrondissement
Marseille, France
From 6925$ / m2
ID: 12832 | 7 floors
Les Jardins Des Accates
Les Jardins Des Accates
Marseille, France
From 7010$ / m2
ID: 12831 | 4 floors

New builds in Marseille

Location and climate

Marseille is a city located in the southeastern part of France, on the Mediterranean coast.

The climate is Mediterranean. It has hot summers with winds from the Sahara desert, cool mild winters with wet westerly winds.

Why is it still profitable to buy an apartment in Marseille in a new build for sale?

It is a major commercial and industrial center, its economy is closely connected with the port (the largest in the Mediterranean). The developed industries are oil refining and shipbuilding, the production of chemicals, soap, glass, sugar, building materials, plastics, textiles, olive oil and food products. In recent years, there has been an expansion of the service sector, a transition from an industrial to a high-tech economy. A large number of immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe settled in the city, attracted by better job opportunities.

Transport logistics is well established here; there is an international airport. Public transport is represented by trams, buses, and metro.

Following universities are located in Marseille: University of Provence, Mediterranean, Paul Cezanne. There are also: a school of computer science and new technologies, a polytechnic institute for advanced sciences, a business school, and a higher ballet school. Scientific research is carried out at the Institutes of Developmental Biology, Immunology, Marine Sciences and Neurobiology, on the campus of the world famous Institute of Molecular and Environmental Microbiology, on the territory of the Timone Hospital (Medical Microbiology).

Despite all the difficulties, Marseille real estate in the new homes for sale remains attractive to investors and the demand for it is high. Demanded are apartments in residential complexes with a modern layout and renovation. Selling apartments from developers according to the procedure does not cause difficulties, it is transparent, safe, and does not require a lot of time. The high quality of construction of facilities is confirmed by customer reviews. In most cases, residential complexes in Marseille in the new homes are bought for the purpose of renting out, since the Cote d'Azur is a status place and has a lot of advantages: climate, clear sea, developed economy, and popularity among tourists.

According to the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine, the lowest price per square meter of space in a new development from a developer in Marseille (turnkey apartments) is 6,925 USD.

Interesting places to visit in the city

  • Old port
  • City hall
  • Abbey Saint Victor
  • Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde
  • Cathedral of Sainte Marie Major
  • Faro palace
  • Chateau d'If
  • Park-museum garden of ruins
  • Museums of: history of the city, civilizations of Europe, Provence, fine arts in the Longchamp Palace, fashion, ceramics, navy.
  • Jardin du Faro garden
  • Botanical garden in the castle park of Boreli
  • The streets of Marseille are often used as scenery; following films were shot here: Revenge of Marseilles, Taxi, Devils, French Connection, French Transit, etc.

Acquisition of apartments in Marseille from the developers by foreign citizens

There are no restrictions on the purchase of real estate by foreigners. Foreign investors have the same right to buy apartments from the developers in Marseille as citizens of the country.

Purchasing an apartment in Marseille is a profitable investment that provides a high rental income in a Mediterranean city with a great climate and a stable economy.

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