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Original language: Russian

We started looking for a new apartment for a long time, we want something cozy, without the bustle of the city. We saw on the Rams website their lcd Grand Vie. It is located in the foothills area, but not far from the center, shopping center and Al-farabi ave. Three-storey houses in European style, finishing in light colors - we looked at the photo. I wonder how all this will look in reality, we want to go to the office to get more information.


Original language: Russian

The search for an apartment with us dragged on for several months. Prices in Almaty are simply cosmic. At first, they considered the secondary housing, but for the killed apartments in old houses such a price is lumped. We traveled, looked and decided that it would be better to take it in a good place in a new house with beautiful courtyards and playgrounds. Bought in Rams City residential complex - in a year it will be a large modern complex with a landscaped and green area.


Original language: Russian

We went to Sakura to see the apartment. The place is such, I can't even believe that outside the territory of the residential complex, city life is in full swing. It has its own cozy atmosphere, children swam in the pool, when we arrived, ours also wanted. We saw a table tennis table, my husband dreams of teaching me how to play. I liked the panoramic windows in the apartment and the kitchen is huge. I didn't want to leave this place. Now we are also residents of Sakura residential complex)

Муса К.

Original language: Russian

My family and I have been living at Rams Luxury for several months. The renovation was finally completed, then the laminate was not enough, then the kitchen was waited for a long time. The finishing was rough, which, in principle, is good, we with a specialist looked over and measured everything. He said the communications are well done, the pipes are good. We especially like that the apartment is bright, with panoramic windows covering almost the entire wall.


Original language: Russian

I think it is more profitable to buy at the construction stage. Therefore, we decided not to postpone and bought an apartment in the Rams City residential complex. The location is good. Near the river Bolshaya Almatinka and the Botanical Garden, we will walk here. The price for such a developed area is adequate. Landscaping will be given a lot of attention, even on some terraces there will be loach plants. It will be beautiful, very few people in the city do that. So far I like everything, but since they will hand over, we'll see)


Original language: Russian

I was looking for an apartment in the upper part of the city. In Navoi 3.0 I got a two-room apartment just excellent. There is a dressing room and a pantry, which means I will not clutter the rooms with wardrobes. All the rooms are spacious, the bedroom is 23 square meters, even the bathroom with the hallway is large. Another plus, that there is an underground parking, I do not like looking for a place to park the car in the evenings.


Original language: Russian

We are planning to move from Astana to the capital. We were looking for a new and modern home. Friends advised Rams. We chose Rams City residential complex. I liked the future architecture and the adjoining territory. The advantage is that the developer will build his own school. You don't have to wander with your child on minibuses and buses. The house has not yet been commissioned, but we are in no hurry. We just need to finish things in our hometown.


Original language: Russian

Recently we moved to the Sakura residential complex. Around nature and mountain air. I am delighted with the apartment. Roomy in size. Children now have separate rooms. The windows are large overlooking the greenery. Because of this, the apartment is light and cozy. I especially liked that there is a dressing room. Moreover, the area is rather big, things have already been hung up, and there is a lot of free space. I always asked my husband, but still nothing. Everything turned out well here)


Original language: Russian

We traveled a lot to sales offices of various residential complexes. But the most favorable impression was made by the office of RAMS City Family Space. It is located next to the construction site. It can be seen that the work behind the fence is being actively carried out. The office itself is large and spacious, there is a showroom, and the employees are qualified. With their help, we chose a two-room apartment for ourselves.


Original language: Russian

I was glad that the developer offers a trade in. System. We want to exchange an old apartment for a new one in a developed Bostandyk district. The Rams City complex will look beautiful, not like our shabby Soviet house. Rams undertakes all the work on the sale of an apartment and the search for a buyer. This will greatly save our time and nerve cells.

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