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St. Yevhena Malanyuka (Sahaydaka), 101
St. Yevhena Malanyuka (Sahaydaka), 101
From 820$ / m2
ID: 12802 | 26 floors
Evgeny Malanyuk (Sagaidak)
Evgeny Malanyuk (Sagaidak)
1160$ — 1680$ / m2
ID: 756 | 17 floors
Rusanovskaya Gavan
Rusanovskaya Gavan
895$ — 1607$ / m2
ID: 735 | 26 floors

New buildings in Kiev near the Hydropark metro station

Hydropark metro station is an open-type station. It is located on the Svyatoshinsko-Brovarskaya line between the stations "Dnepr" and "Levoberezhnaya" and belongs to the red line of the Kiev metro. The main feature of this metro station is that it is located in an amazing place - on an island in the middle of the Dnieper, which immediately creates an unusual atmosphere. Capital developers have long mastered this place, but when choosing places for the construction of apartment buildings, they managed to preserve its initially high recreational potential.

Who is looking for modern residential complexes near the Hydropark metro station?

Buying an apartment in a new building near the Hydropark metro station in Kiev will be relevant to people for whom the availability of green areas and the availability of clean air are important, as well as the priority of mobility and quality rest close to home. You can get directly to the recreation area "Hydropark", which means that the road from the city center to the sandy banks of the Dnieper and its inflow will take only a couple of minutes.

Hydropark is a park located on the Venetian and Dolobetsky Islands between the Dnieper and Rusanovsky Strait in the capital. This is a favorite vacation spot for residents of new buildings, because the Hydropark is located between such attractions as the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the memorial complex "Motherland". Hydropark also houses a unique park-museum “Kiev in miniature”. If you get tired of the city noise and want to get out into nature as soon as possible without leaving the city, then at any time you can visit this park. Modern Kiev displays a collection of buildings on a scale of 1:33, which presents more than 700 famous architectural objects of the capital.

The main bonus for residents of new buildings in Kiev near the Hydropark metro station is the presence ( just a few meters from the house) of many equipped beaches, including:

  • children's,
  • youth,
  • beach for pensioners, etc.

Also in the forest on the banks of the Dnieper you can rent a gazebo, rent a boat or a catamaran, play a variety of games (table and regular tennis, paintball, football, volleyball, beach rugby, bungee jumping), enjoy water rides or work out in an outdoor gym. Buying an apartment in a new building near the metro station "Hydropark" will suit clients who dream of living on a quiet island of nature, located in a large and noisy metropolis.

Near the metro there are restaurants, cafes, dance floors and a huge number of places for the entertainment and recreation of children. Dinopark is one of the favorite places for children to visit. This is a closed area park with animated dinosaurs that look like real ones, while they move and growl, some of which you can ride. A great place for residents to give children unforgettable emotions and spend family leisure time.

GEOLN.COM: all the current offers for the sale of apartments in new buildings on Hydropark

A new building that is being put into operation near the metro station “Hydropark” always arouses increased interest among those who have long and unsuccessfully searched for an apartment in the capital, which would be located in a quiet and necessarily “green” corner of the metropolis. The choice of such objects is traditionally small, besides, many are repelled by the cost of the available offers. But if it is important for you to live in a place that, in addition to a convenient location in the city center, is surrounded by amazing nature, landscapes and the banks of the Dnieper, where there is a place for rest and recreation, we recommend buying an apartment near the Hydropark metro station with the necessary layout and at a favorable price. You can always choose an apartment on GEOLN.COM.

Prices for apartments in new buildings near the Gidropark station (current as of August 2022)

Object Price
Rusanovskaya Gavan 43855$
Evgeny Malanyuk (Sagaidak) 47560$
St. Yevhena Malanyuka (Sahaydaka), 101 32800$

New buildings near the metro station in Kyiv

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