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Aydin Karma Kompleks
Aydin Karma Kompleks
From 810$ / m2
ID: 5736 | 9 floors
Saygin Villalari 2
Saygin Villalari 2
From 670$ / m2
ID: 5734 | 2 floors
Saygin Villalari 1
Saygin Villalari 1
From 670$ / m2
ID: 5733 | 2 floors
Saygin Rezidans 8
Saygin Rezidans 8
From 910$ / m2
ID: 5731 | 4 floors
Saygin Rezidans 4
Saygin Rezidans 4
From 860$ / m2
ID: 5730 | 4 floors
Altinkum Saygin Sitesi 5
Altinkum Saygin Sitesi 5
From 540$ / m2
ID: 5725 | 4 floors
Altinkum Saygin Sitesi 4
Altinkum Saygin Sitesi 4
From 630$ / m2
ID: 5723 | 4 floors
Altinkum Saygin Sitesi 3
Altinkum Saygin Sitesi 3
From 630$ / m2
ID: 5722 | 3 floors
Altinkum Saygin Sitesi 2
Altinkum Saygin Sitesi 2
From 630$ / m2
ID: 5720 | 4 floors

New buildings Didim

City on the map

Didim is a small resort town in southwestern Turkey, on the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea, 200 km south of Izmir.

Why is it profitable to buy apartments in Didim in the new buildings?

The city with a rich ancient history, where in ancient times the Temple of Apollo was located, is today the capital of the region, where people are engaged in agriculture and supplying products to the local market.

Didim has not yet grown into a large resort town, however, hotels are being built in the vicinity of several tens of kilometers of coastline. There are no multi-storey buildings in the city.

The transport infrastructure is well-developed; you can quickly get to the beach by minibus from any area of Didim.

The harbor for 1,100 yachts is a large-scale tourism project that has revived the real estate market in Didim. However, there was no boom in the construction of residential complexes and hotels. In 2020, the government announced a promising pilot project: "Aegean Tourist Center - Didim".

Due to the climatic features of the Aegean coast (breeze, low air humidity), summer holidays are more comfortable here than on the hot Mediterranean coast. In Didim, measurements of the level of humidity and oxygen content were carried out, as well as the values of atmospheric air were recorded, which showed that this region is one of the most environmentally friendly.

Didim has sandy beaches in the resort area Altinkum ("golden sand") and small-pebble beaches in the area Gumushkum ("silver sand"). All beaches, like the Aegean Sea itself, are clean, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. The entrance to the water is shallow; a water park, an amusement park and windsurfing activities are available, there are also quite secluded places.

The dynamic development of Didim as an international resort began in the 80s of the twentieth century with the construction of hotels (mainly the British were investors here). Since the available hotels could not fully meet the demand for housing, investors began to purchase houses and apartments. Over the past decade, the population of Didim has grown; the demand for real estate in Didim in new buildings is great, since the quality of residential complexes is not inferior to apart-hotels. Favorable conditions have been formed for effective investment and receiving passive income from the rental of primary housing and its resale.

Residential complexes in Didim are being built in compliance with advanced technologies, Turkish builders have the necessary professional experience and receive good reviews about the quality of work. The sale of apartments from developers can be carried out on a full payment basis or in installments, various promotions and discounts are offered. New buildings in Didim from the developers have new high-tech communications and thought out to the smallest detail modern apartment layout.

Taking into account the rise in prices (housing in Turkey has a steady upward trend, as clearly underestimated especially in resort cities, and also due to the increase in the cost of building materials) in the medium term, the income of investors from rental housing will be high.

It is still relatively inexpensive to buy an apartment from the developers in Didim. According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of area in black frame condition is 540 USD.

Acquisition of housing by foreigners

There are no restrictions for foreigners, they can buy apartments in Didim from the developer.

Attractions of the city and its surroundings

There are many historical sights in Didim, the most famous are the ancient Greek Temple of Apollo, as well as excavations at the site of the city of Miletus; there is a picturesque lake Bafa 30 km from the city.

In addition, it is interesting to visit the following places:

  • sacred road (4th century BC);
  • the ancient city of Priene (a trading square, an ancient amphitheater, a stadium and the remains of houses, as well as the Temple of Athena, located against the backdrop of a sheer cliff, money for the construction of which was allocated by Alexander the Great).

Purchasing apartments in the new buildings in Didim is an investment for obtaining high passive income, comfortable rest and living in the resort town.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Didim

DistrictPrices, from
Altinkum540$ / m2
Yeni630$ / m2
Cumhuriyet810$ / m2

New buildings in the districts of Didim

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