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Magnifique maison mitoyenne
Magnifique maison mitoyenne
Saillon, Switzerland
From 5555$ / m2
ID: 20016 | 2 floors
Les Portes du Lac
Les Portes du Lac
Estavayer, Switzerland
From 6420$ / m2
ID: 20015 | 4 floors
Unterfeldstrasse 1
Unterfeldstrasse 1
Oftringen, Switzerland
From 9300$ / m2
ID: 20014 | 4 floors
Alte Stoss-Strasse 2
Alte Stoss-Strasse 2
Altstatten, Switzerland
From 6630$ / m2
ID: 20013 | 4 floors
Alte Strasse 459
Alte Strasse 459
Gontenschwil, Switzerland
From 7650$ / m2
ID: 20012 | 5 floors
Kirchstrasse 3
Kirchstrasse 3
Attiswil, Switzerland
From 6830$ / m2
ID: 20011 | 2 floors
Nouvelles residences
Nouvelles residences
Conthey, Switzerland
From 6200$ / m2
ID: 20010 | 4 floors
Les Jardins de la Morge
Les Jardins de la Morge
Conthey, Switzerland
From 7365$ / m2
ID: 20009 | 4 floors
Stusslingen, Switzerland
From 7630$ / m2
ID: 20008 | 3 floors
Villa individuelle
Villa individuelle
Savagnier, Switzerland
From 8230$ / m2
ID: 20007 | 2 floors
Kleinfeld Lengnau
Kleinfeld Lengnau
Lengnau, Switzerland
From 6452$ / m2
ID: 20006 | 2 floors
Mahrenstrasse 16
Mahrenstrasse 16
Lostorf, Switzerland
From 5860$ / m2
ID: 20005 | 4 floors
Florastrasse 28
Florastrasse 28
Zurich, Switzerland
From 8890$ / m2
ID: 20004 | 5 floors
Immeuble Le Creusets
Immeuble Le Creusets
Sion, Switzerland
From 6350$ / m2
ID: 20003 | 5 floors
Rue Oscar-Bider
Rue Oscar-Bider
Sion, Switzerland
From 7630$ / m2
ID: 20002 | 4 floors
HЩgerli Lostorf
HЩgerli Lostorf
Lostorf, Switzerland
From 6371$ / m2
ID: 20001 | 3 floors
Bachstrasse 32
Bachstrasse 32
Lostorf, Switzerland
From 7420$ / m2
ID: 20000 | 3 floors
Luterkofen-Ichertswil, Switzerland
From 6690$ / m2
ID: 19999 | 3 floors
Route de Saillon
Route de Saillon
Fully, Switzerland
From 5230$ / m2
ID: 19998 | 2 floors
Villa moderne
Villa moderne
Crans-Montana, Switzerland
From 6096$ / m2
ID: 19997 | 2 floors
Egnach, Switzerland
From 7960$ / m2
ID: 19996 | 3 floors
Chemin de Grуsy
Chemin de Grуsy
Lausanne, Switzerland
From 16300$ / m2
ID: 19995 | 3 floors
Avenue de la Vignette
Avenue de la Vignette
Lucens, Switzerland
From 6863$ / m2
ID: 19994 | 3 floors
Schonenwerd, Switzerland
From 6780$ / m2
ID: 19973 | 3 floors

New builds in Switzerland

Location, the state of the economy

Switzerland (officially the Swiss Confederation) is a landlocked country located at the junction of Western, Central and Southern Europe. The country is a member of the UN, outside the EU and the Eurozone, linked through bilateral agreements to the Schengen Area and the European Single Market.

The climate is continental, with a strong influence of the Atlantic in the west of the country, cold winters (on the plateau and in the valleys the temperature drops to 0°C, in the mountains - to -10°C and below). In the summer in the lowlands it is +18-20°C, in the mountainous regions it is even cooler.The peculiarity of the climate is in its differences by region: you can see mosses, lichens, like in the tundra, or palm trees with mimosas, like in the Mediterranean.

The following sectors of the economy are most developed: the service sector (commercial and financial sectors, tourism), the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, metalworking, and the watch industry. The importance of agriculture is gradually decreasing, but it still provides the country with most of the food.

Switzerland new build market

The pace of construction of new facilities remains high in the country. Demand for new builds in Switzerland has declined in recent years due to a drop in immigration rates because of the pandemic. Apartments in the new builds in Switzerland were no longer in demand. There was an imbalance between supply and demand. In the market of new builds for sale, this was reflected in the fact that some residential complexes in Switzerland remained empty, and the number of unoccupied housing in residential complexes was constantly increasing. It looked, however, extremely uneven across regions. In some areas of the country, it was still extremely difficult to buy apartments in Switzerland in the new builds for sale. In 2021, the Swiss primary residential and commercial real estate market is finally showing record results. Prices for apartments from a developer in Switzerland continued to rise, interest rates remained low. This created ideal conditions for those who could afford to invest in a new home. However, then the general geopolitical tension that arose against the backdrop of the war created force majeure circumstances: a problem with logistics, an increase in the cost of building materials, and rising inflation. But, given that the country is considered an attractive and reliable labor market, and the war has intensified migration, the demand for renting and buying housing in new homes continues to grow. This creates an upward trend in real estate prices in Switzerland in the new home for sale. Customer reviews confirm that the quality of the objects put into operation in new home for sale complies with building standards.

Real estate prices from the developers in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries to buy a new build home. According to the information of the GEOLN.COM website, the minimum price for 1 sq.m of the area in a new build, handed over in a turnkey condition, in the following cities of the country is as follows:

  • Zurich - from 5430 USD,
  • Bern - from 5345 USD,
  • Basel, Lucerne - from 6450 USD,
  • Saint Maurice - from 6200 USD,
  • Marley - from 6856 USD,
  • Auberville - from 7250 USD.

The high dynamics of price changes implies the use of only reliable information at the time of the request.

Swiss real estate in the new builds for sale (types)

  • Residential: apartments, houses, villas, chalets, castles.
  • Commercial: cafes, restaurants, office and industrial premises, warehouses, etc.

The nuances of buying apartments in the new homes

The real estate market in Switzerland is perhaps the most closed in Europe for foreigners. The acquisition of a residential property is only permitted to buyers who hold a certain category of Swiss residence permit. At the same time, the purchase of real estate and its maintenance requires expenses that only very wealthy people can bear. The rules and restrictions are so multifaceted that when deciding to buy a house or apartment in this country, it is advisable to take advantage of detailed expert advice. The GEOLN.COM website (the search interface is very convenient) is a big help to the investors, since it contains various objects in the new development for sale.

Buying an apartment from a developer in Switzerland, or other primary real estate means implementing a high-profile and promising project that allows you to live, work, and relax in a country with the highest standard of living, security, and great business opportunities.

Off-plan property and other buildings in cities in Switzerland

in Aarburg
in Aclens
in Aefligen
in Aegerten
in Aesch
in Affeltrangen
in Aigle
in Alberswil
in Allschwil
in Alpnach
in Altdorf
in Altishausen
in Altishofen
in Altstatten
in Amriswil
in Andelfingen
in Andermatt
in Arbon
in Ardon
in Arzier-Le Muids
in Attalens
in attiswil
in Baar
in Bad Zurzach
in Bagnes
in Balgach
in Baretswil
in Basel
in batterkinden
in Bavois
in Begnins
in Beinwil Am See
in Belfaux
in Bellach
in Bellerive
in Belmont-Broye
in Belp
in Bern
in Berneck
in Bettingen
in Biberist
in Bibern
in Biberstein
in Bichelsee
in Biel-Benken
in Bienne
in biere
in Binningen
in Birrwil
in Birsfelden
in Bitsch
in Blonay
in Bockten
in Boecourt
in Bolligen
in Bonigen
in Boswil
in Bottstein
in bourg-en-lavaux
in Bowil
in Braunau
in Breitenbach
in Bremgarten
in Bremgarten bei Bern
in Brig
in Brigerbad
in Brittnau
in Broc
in Bronschhofen
in Brugg
in Brunegg
in Brutten
in Bubendorf
in Buchrain
in Buchs
in Buhler
in Bulach
in Bulle
in Burgdorf
in Busserach
in Bussigny
in Butschwil
in Buttikon
in Chalais
in Chamoson
in chardonne
in Chatel-Saint Denis
in Chavannes-de-Bogis
in Chavannes-Pres-Renens
in Chene-Bougeries
in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne
in Chevilly
in Chexbres
in Chezard-Saint-Martin
in Chur
in Collonge-Bellerive
in Conthey
in Corcelles-pres-Payerne
in corjolens
in Corsier-sur-Vevey
in Courtepin
in Crans-Montana
in Cresuz
in Crissier
in Daniken
in Davos
in Deitingen
in Delemont
in Demoret
in Densburen
in Derendingen
in Dielsdorf
in Dierikon
in Dompierre
in Dorenaz
in Dornach
in Dottingen
in Dubendorf
in Dudingen
in Duggingen
in Dulliken
in Durrenasch
in Ebikon
in Ecublens
in Effretikon
in Egerkingen
in Egg
in egnach
in Egolzwil
in Emmen
in Ems
in Endingen
in engelberg
in Ennetburgen
in Epalinges
in Epsach
in Erlinsbach
in Ernetschwil
in Eschenbach
in Eschenz
in Eschikofen
in Essertines-Sur-Yverdon
in Estavayer
in Etoy
in Fahrwangen
in Felsberg
in Feuerthalen
in Fieschertal
in Flawil
in Fluhli
in Flumenthal
in Flums
in Flurlingen
in fontenais
in Fraubrunnen
in Frauenfeld
in Frauenkappelen
in Freienbach
in Fribourg
in Fruthwilen
in Fulenbach
in Full-Reuenthal
in Fully
in Galgenen
in Gampelen
in Geiss
in Gelterfingen
in Gelterkinden
in Gerlafingen
in gerzensee
in Gibloux
in Giebenach
in Giffers
in gipf-oberfrick
in Gommiswald
in Gontenschwil
in Gorgier
in Gossau
in Grabs
in Granichen
in Grenchen
in Grimentz
in Grindelwald
in Grossdietwil
in grosshochstetten
in Grosswangen
in Gruningen
in Grusch
in Gummenen
in Gunzgen
in Hallau
in Haute-Nendaz
in Hedingen
in Heerbrugg
in Heiden
in Heimiswil
in Hemishofen
in Herbetswil
in Herdern
in Heremence
in Hergiswil
in Herisau
in Herzogenbuchsee
in Hinwil
in Hitzkirch
in Holderbank
in Holstein
in Holziken
in Horgen
in Horn
in Horw
in Hunenberg
in Huttwil
in Ibach
in Igis
in Illnau-Effretikon
in Ingenbohl
in Ins
in Interlaken
in Ipsach
in jegenstorf
in Jenins
in Jonen
in Jonschwil
in Kaisten
in Kandergrund
in Kehrsatz
in Kerzers
in Kestenholz
in Killwangen
in Kirchberg
in Kirchlindach
in Klingnau
in Klosters-Serneus
in Kloten
in Kolliken
in Koniz
in Konolfingen
in Koppigen
in Krattigen
in Kreuzlingen
in Kriens
in Kuttigen
in Laax
in La Chaux-de-Fonds
in La Chaux-du-Milieu
in Langendorf
in Langrickenbach
in la roche
in La Tour-de-Peilz
in La Tour-de-Treme
in Laufelfingen
in Laufen
in Laupen
in Lausanne
in le chenit
in le glebe
in Leibstadt
in Leissigen
in Le Locle
in Lengnau
in Lengwil
in Lens
in Lenzburg
in Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane
in Les Genevez
in Leuk
in Leysin
in Leytron
in Lichtensteig
in Liestal
in Lisle
in lostorf
in Lotzwil
in lucens
in Lucerne
in lufingen
in Lupsingen
in Luterkofen-Ichertswil
in Lutzelfluh
in Lyss
in Madiswil
in Maienfeld
in Malans
in Mammern
in Marly
in Martigny
in Maseltrangen
in Massongex
in Mathod
in Mauensee
in Maur
in Meggen
in Meierskappel
in Meikirch
in Meiringen
in Meisterschwanden
in Mellingen
in Mels
in Menziken
in Merligen
in Mohlin
in Mollens
in Montagny-pres-Yverdon
in Montet
in Monthey
in Montreux
in Moriken-Wildegg
in Morlon
in Morschwil
in Muhen
in Mullheim
in Munchenbuchsee
in Munsingen
in Murgenthal
in Muri
in Muri bei Bern
in Nendaz
in nesslau-krummenau
in Neuchatel
in Neuendorf
in Neuhausen Am Rheinfall
in Neunforn
in Neunkirch
in Niederbipp
in Niedergosgen
in Niederhasli
in Niederhelfenschwil
in Niederonz
in Niederrohrdorf
in Niederweningen
in Niederwil
in Nusshof
in Oberageri
in Oberbipp
in Oberburen
in Oberburg
in Oberdiessbach
in Oberdorf
in Obergoms
in Oberhallau
in Oberhelfenschwil
in Oberhofen
in Obermumpf
in Oberonz
in Obersiggenthal
in Oberurnen
in Oberwil
in Oberwil bei Buren
in Oensingen
in Oetwil an der Limmat
in Oftringen
in Ollon
in Olten
in Orbe
in Orpund
in Orsieres
in Ostermundigen
in Othmarsingen
in Paradiso
in Payerne
in Pfaffnau
in Pfeffikon
in Pfyn
in Pieterlen
in Porrentruy
in Port-Valais
in Prez-vers-Noreaz
in Prilly
in Puidoux
in Pully
in Rebstein
in Reconvilier
in Regensdorf
in Reinach
in Rheinfelden
in Richterswil
in Rickenbach
in Riddes
in Ried bei Kerzers
in Ried-Brig
in Riedholz
in Riggisberg
in Riviera
in Rohr
in Romanel-sur-Lausanne
in Romanshorn
in Romont
in Root
in Rorschach
in Rossens
in rupperswil
in Russikon
in Sachseln
in Safenwil
in saillon
in Saint-Aubin-Sauges
in sainte-croix
in Saint Gallenkappel
in Saint-Gingolph
in Saint-Legier-La Chiesaz
in Saint-Luc
in Saint-Maurice
in Saint Ursen
in Salgesch
in Sargans
in savagnier
in Saviese
in Saxon
in Schaffhausen
in Saxon
in Schiers
in Schlatt
in Schleitheim
in Schmitten
in Schoftland
in Schonengrund
in Schonenwerd
in Schotz
in Schubelbach
in Schupfart
in Schupfen
in Schwaderloch
in Schwarzenberg
in Schwyz
in Seengen
in Selzach
in Sennwald
in Seuzach
in Siblingen
in Siebnen
in Sierre
in Siglistorf
in Silenen
in Sion
in Sirnach
in Sissach
in Solothurn
in sorvilier
in Speicher
in Spiez
in Spreitenbach
in Starrkirch-Wil
in Staufen
in Steckborn
in Steffisburg
in Stein
in Stetten
in Stettlen
in St. Gallen
in Saint-Imier
in Strengelbach
in stusslingen
in Suhr
in Sumiswald
in Sursee
in Tagerwilen
in Tasch
in Tavannes
in Termen
in teufen
in teufenthal
in Thal
in Therwil
in Thierachern
in Thonex
in Thunstetten
in Thurnen
in Thusis
in Toffen
in Torny
in Triengen
in Trimbach
in Tubach
in Tuggen
in Uerkheim
in Uetendorf
in Uezwil
in Uffikon
in Uitikon
in Unterageri
in Untereggen
in Unterlunkhofen
in Untersiggenthal
in untervaz
in Urtenen-Schonbuhl
in Uster
in Uznach
in Uzwil
in Val-Dilliez
in Vallorbe
in Vandoeuvres
in vauderens
in Vechigen
in Vernayaz
in Verossaz
in Vessy
in Vetroz
in Vevey
in Vex
in Veysonnaz
in villars-sur-glane
in Villmergen
in Vilters-Wangs
in Visp
in Volketswil
in Volleges
in Vouvry
in Wahlern
in Wald
in Walkringen
in wallbach
in Walperswil
in Waltenschwil
in Wangen bei Olten
in Wangi
in Wauwil
in Weiach
in Weinfelden
in Werthenstein
in Wettingen
in Wettswil am Albis
in Wetzikon
in Wiesendangen
in Wil
in Wilderswil
in Winikon
in Wintersingen
in Winterthur
in Winznau
in Wohlen
in Wohlenschwil
in Wolfisberg
in Wolfwil
in Worb
in Worben
in Zermatt
in Ziefen
in Zollbruck
in Zollikofen
in Zuchwil
in Zunzgen
in Zurich
in Zuzwil
in Zwingen
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