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Real estate in new builds from developers of Indonesia

Agung View Villas
Agung View Villas
534600$ — 685150$ / m2
ID: 25405 | 2 floors | Cottage
60900$ — 155000$ / m2
ID: 25324 | 4 floors | Apart-hotel | 2000m from sea
3-спальная Luxury вилла на Бали в топовой локации
3-спальная Luxury вилла на Бали в топовой локации
To 730000$ / m2
ID: 24247 | Villa | 2100m from sea
5-cпальная вилла в закрытой премиум резиденции на Бали
5-cпальная вилла в закрытой премиум резиденции на Бали
To 1690000$ / m2
ID: 24245 | 2 floors | Villa | 2100m from sea
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Resale property from owners in Indonesia

Apartments in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
Apartments in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
ID: 25326 | 42 m2 | Floor: 2/4 | Apartment
Апартаменты в Чангу, Бали, Индонезия
Апартаменты в Чангу, Бали, Индонезия
ID: 25325 | 69 m2 | Floor: 1/4 | Apartment
Apartments in Aviator Aparthotel in Canggu, Bali for investment and permanent residence.
Apartments in Aviator Aparthotel in Canggu, Bali for investment and permanent residence.
ID: 23861 | 43 m2 | Floor: 1/4 | Apartment

Real Estate in Indonesia

Location, climate, and economy

Indonesia (officially Republic of Indonesia) is located on the islands of the Malay Archipelago, the island of New Guinea (in the western part). The country is washed by the waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. The climate is from equatorial to subequatorial, in the daytime the temperature remains constant throughout the year at +25 degrees Celsius.

Indonesia receives the bulk of its income from the sale of oil, as well as natural rubber. The energy system is developing on the basis of oil and gas production. A feature of the structure of the economy is the combination of its market nature with significant state participation. The role of the state is especially great in the raw materials and fuel and energy sectors, and agriculture. A serious contribution to the expansion of the industrial base belongs to small business (the participation of entrepreneurs from the PRC is great here).

Local transport on the islands is represented by buses, taxis, bicycles, moving between the islands is easiest to do with the help of air travel. The cost of the plane tickets are quite affordable. Inter-island communication is also supported by ferries. The country is rich in sights (equatorial landscapes are especially luxurious), the tourist infrastructure is up to date.

Real estate market in Indonesia

In recent years, the market has been growing, the value of real estate in Indonesia is constantly increasing. According to various sources, the size of the increase in prices is from 8 to 12 percent per year. This trend, as experts confidently say, will continue in the medium term.

Residential real estate in Indonesia is represented by villas and bungalows, a wide offer for those who prefer a busy city life, whether it be apartments on the outskirts of the city or luxurious apartments in a residential complex located in the center of the capital - Jakarta. Real estate in Indonesia is offered to investors in a wide variety of properties, growing demand is due to the arrival of immigrants in search of an island of stability in the raging global force majeure, as well as the desire of local investors to save money in the post-pandemic period, to find personal safe space. Customer reviews confirm that the facilities being built meet building standards.

Property price in Indonesia

The average cost of housing: in Jakarta - 1300 euros per sq.m, in Bali - 1000 euros per sq.m. Inexpensive apartments in the whole country cost from 60,000 euros, a house - from 300,000 euros, luxury housing - from 2,200,000 euros.

Property types for sale

On the market:

  • residential: apartments, houses, villas, bungalows, etc.,
  • commercial fund (hotels, shops, warehouses, offices, etc.);
  • land plots.

Real estate site in Indonesia

The sale of real estate in Indonesia is regulated by law. To minimize risks when concluding transactions, it is advisable to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations. The real estate site GEOLN.COM (with a convenient search interface) contains a catalog of real estate in Indonesia.

Buying property in Indonesia by foreigners (nuances)

Foreigners in Indonesia do not have the right to own real estate on the rights of full ownership. They get it on a long-term lease. Any foreign buyer has the right to use real estate by concluding an agreement and presenting a passport with a valid work visa. This right is issued for 30 years with the possibility of extension for 20 and then for another 30 years, that is, up to a total of 80 years.

Buying property in Indonesia is beneficial for the purpose of generating rental income, living in a wonderful climate, on the ocean coast.

Real estate prices in Indonesia

CityPrice from
Denpasar 3,400$ / m2
Jakarta 1,920$ / m2
Mataram 3,750$ / m2
Pamenang 2,270$ / m2
Pontianak 2,600$ / m2
Tangerang 875$ / m2
bekasi regency 1,870$ / m2
gunung putri 1,780$ / m2
kuta 60,900$ / m2
surabaya 2,125$ / m2
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