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Baltea Apartments
Baltea Apartments
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New buildings in Sopot

Location and climate

Sopot is a city in northern Poland in the Tricity agglomeration, between Gdansk and Gdynia, on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

The climate is temperate maritime (not hot in summer, average July temperature is +20°C, winter is mild, not frosty, average January temperature is -2°C).

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in Sopot in a new building?

Sopot is a popular Polish resort on the Baltic Sea, one of the most prestigious in the world. The atmosphere of relaxation attracts those who prefer relaxing on a sandy beach, along which a two-kilometer strip of the park stretches (the season when it is comfortable to swim in the sea is from mid-June to early September). Rest houses, boarding houses, and hotels offer such effective health procedures as: aeroheliotherapy, peat and mud therapy, etc.; gynecological diseases, peripheral nervous system, anemia are treated. The machine-building, leather, and food industries play a significant role in the city's budget.

You can get to the resort from Gdansk Airport, located 9 kilometers from Sopot, which receives regular flights from Warsaw. Intracity transport is represented by buses of municipal companies of neighboring cities (Gdansk, Gdynia). The Gdynia trolleybus also go to the resort. Sopot is connected with other cities of the Tricity by high-speed urban railway trains. The main tourist street of the city is given over to pedestrians.

There are 3 universities in Sopot: the Higher School of Social Psychology, the Sopot Higher School, the European School of Hotel and Tourism Business.

The demand for Sopot real estate in the new buildings is high, as it is in the top 10 safest and most comfortable cities in the country for living, and it is cozy, well-groomed, and clean. The highest prices are in locations closer to the sea (villas with beautiful sea views). Residential complexes in Sopot with different types of studios are interesting for rent throughout the year. In July-August, there is a tourist boom in the resort, so the cost of rented apartments in new buildings increases by 50-80%.

The sale of apartments from developers provides for strict compliance with legal norms and building standards.Socially significant objects are located in close proximity to the residential complexes, which is confirmed by the feedback from buyers of apartments in new buildings.

The minimum price per square meter of space in an apartment from a developer, handed over in black frame condition in a new building of Sopot (in accordance with the information of the GEOLN.COM real estate search engine) is 3,480 USD.

What to visit in the city

  •  Town hall
  •  Spa house
  •  Crooked house
  •  Pier
  •  Forest opera
  •  Museum Gorodishe
  •  Grand Hotel
  •  Church of the Savior
  •  Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Mary
  •  Church of St. George
  •  Fountain of Yas Rybak
  •  Lighthouse

Thousands of tourists come to the International Pop Song Festival every year.

Acquisition of apartments in Sopot from the developers by foreign citizens

Foreign investors can buy apartments from the developers in Sopot absolutely freely.

The restrictions apply only to cases when the objects of the transaction are villas, houses in rural areas or border zones, and a plot of land with the area of more than one hectare. Then the Polish Ministry of the Internal Affairs must issue a special permit, for which verification for both the buyer and information about the building or land is carried out.

Purchasing an apartment in a new building in Sopot is a profitable and prestigious investment project in a tourist city, which makes it possible to receive rental income, come to rest and receive all kinds of treatments, and live by the sea in a wonderful climate.

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