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From 3500$ / m2
ID: 16702 | 3 floors
From 4045$ / m2
ID: 16698 | 3 floors
From 5290$ / m2
ID: 16694 | 3 floors
From 6430$ / m2
ID: 16692 | 3 floors
Botanik - Junglinster
Botanik - Junglinster
From 10390$ / m2
ID: 16688 | 3 floors
Parc Rischard
Parc Rischard
From 4600$ / m2
ID: 16494 | 3 floors
From 5600$ / m2
ID: 16493 | 6 floors
From 3500$ / m2
ID: 16490 | 6 floors
River Park
River Park
From 5400$ / m2
ID: 16475 | 4 floors
From 4300$ / m2
ID: 16473 | 5 floors
From 9965$ / m2
ID: 16465 | 3 floors
From 17330$ / m2
ID: 16464 | 3 floors
From 10025$ / m2
ID: 16461 | 4 floors
From 20370$ / m2
ID: 16458 | 6 floors
From 17300$ / m2
ID: 16455 | 3 floors
From 8809$ / m2
ID: 16454 | 3 floors
From 7260$ / m2
ID: 16453 | 3 floors
From 13400$ / m2
ID: 16446 | 3 floors
From 15870$ / m2
ID: 16444 | 2 floors
From 15900$ / m2
ID: 16443 | 4 floors
From 5400$ / m2
ID: 16281 | 8 floors
From 5990$ / m2
ID: 16280 | 18 floors
From 3800$ / m2
ID: 16278 | 7 floors

New buildings in Luxembourg

Location and climate

Luxembourg is a country located in the center of Western Europe. It has no access to the sea. It is a member of the European Union, NATO, and UN.

The climate is temperate continental: cool winters and warm summers. The air temperature in summer averages +17°С, in winter it reaches 0°С. The Ardennes mountain range protects the country from northern winds.

For the information of the investors: economics, culture, and education

This is a country with the highest standard of living, the headquarters of EU organizations, and a huge number of credit and financial organizations are located here. Banking services play the most important role in the country; the main office of the largest steel concern is located on the territory of the country. Considerable attention is paid to developments in the field of telecommunications, the production of fabrics, porcelain, and glass. In the country, by tradition, they continue to engage in agriculture: gardening, animal husbandry, viticulture (along the Moselle River).

Luxembourg is one of the leaders in the world in terms of income, employment, wages, personal security, subjective sense of well-being, health, and environmental quality. Citizens are characterized by a developed sense of belonging to society, and they are socially active in the activities of civil society. In 2020, the country ranked second out of 180 countries in terms of environmental efficiency, 6th in the top ten most livable countries as well (Merkers version).

Culture in the early medieval period had features of Irish, Germanic traditions, which was reflected in the miniatures of the 8th-11th centuries. The architecture is characterized by castles, basilicas, Romanesque chapels, and Gothic churches: in the 16th century, the Renaissance style spread in the country, in the 17th - baroque, in the 19th classicism prevailed, giving way to eclecticism. In the works of contemporary artists, the style of Matisse, Picasso can be traced. The national language is Luxembourgish (considered Frankish), administrative and court cases are conducted in French and German.

The country is home to the University of Luxembourg, the private Luxembourg Business School, and American universities: the University of Miami, the private Catholic University of the University of Sacred Heart.

It is profitable to buy an apartment in Luxembourg in a new building

The demand for real estate in Luxembourg in the new buildings is great, investors have to practically queue up. It is convenient to do business in Luxembourg, given the high level of economic development, the popularity of the country among tourists and the business world. New buildings in Luxembourg from the developers are being actively built, but so far insufficient supply is driving prices up. The statistics collected by the expert community show that buying an apartment from a developer in Luxembourg will cost more than buying old apartments; apartments in LCDs with two bedrooms are most often offered (about 40% of new buildings). Residential complexes in Luxembourg correspond to the standard of living in terms of quality.

The minimum price per square meter of space in a turnkey apartment in a new building in the capital (according to the information of the GEOLN.COM search engine) is 3,500 USD.

Investment in apartments in Luxembourg from the developers by foreigners

Under the laws of Luxembourg, the sale of apartments from developers is carried out to foreign investors without any restrictions.

Purchasing an apartment in a new building in Luxembourg is an investment that gives you the opportunity to receive high income from rent and resale, run a successful business, live in the richest, environmentally friendly country in the world.

Off-plan property and other buildings in cities in Luxembourg

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