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Klinkerhöfe 2 – Wohnungen
Klinkerhöfe 2 – Wohnungen
Hurth, Germany
From 6840$ / m2
ID: 13945 | 3 floors
Buchenstraße 10+12
Buchenstraße 10+12
Hurth, Germany
From 5954$ / m2
ID: 13931 | 3 floors
Eigentumswohnungen in den Klinkerhöfen
Eigentumswohnungen in den Klinkerhöfen
Hurth, Germany
From 6310$ / m2
ID: 13099 | 3 floors

New builds in Hurth

Location and climate

Hurth is a city in Germany within the Rhine-Erft-Kreis region of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, located six kilometers southwest of the center of Cologne, on the northeastern slope of the Cottenforst-Ville nature reserve.

According to Köppen's classification, the climate in Hurth is temperate maritime with cool summers and windy winters, during the year the temperature usually ranges from 0°C to +24°C and rarely below -7°C or above +31°C.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in a new build for sale in Hurth?

Previously, Hurth was known for deposits of brown coal, but due to environmental restrictions, mining was stopped. The modern industry of the city is represented by production of cars, electrical equipment, and chemical products.

Hurth is divided into three landscape zones:

  • fertile plains of the Bay of Cologne (used for agriculture, but there are areas built up with residential buildings),
  • cape (only part is inhabited, the other part is allocated to farms),
  • wooded slope (previously lignite was mined there).
  • The city is famous for the birth of Michael and Ralf Schumacher, famous Formula 1 racers.

Hurth is connected to Cologne and Bonn by rail and bus, and local public transport is represented by buses. Residents can use the developed infrastructure of Cologne, applicants can enter the oldest university in Germany (Cologne University), and other universities.

Residential complexes in Hurth are invariably interesting for experienced investors, migrants from other countries, residents of German cities planning to move to a new place, seeking to find work, to be closer to the city of Cologne with a population of over one million, and to nature.

The sale of apartments from developers is carried out on a turnkey basis, the quality of the residential complexes meets European standards, which is confirmed by customer reviews. Hurth's real estate in the new homes for sale is a profitable acquisition for an investor in order to obtain a stable income from long-term rent.

According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of space in a new home from a developer in Hurth (handed over in a turnkey condition) is 5,954 USD.

Buying apartments in Hurth from the developers by foreigners

Foreign investors have the right to purchase primary real estate without any restrictions or special conditions. They can buy an apartment from a developer in Hurth with the same rights as the citizens of the country. The transaction process is completely transparent and protected by German law.

Recommendations for visiting interesting places

  • Roman aqueduct Eiffel
  • Gloyel district (where ancient castles, churches and mills have been preserved)
  • Lake Otto Meigler See
  • Art Gallery
  • Zoo
  • Cinema

Purchasing an apartment in a new development in Hurth is a good choice of place to live and work with the opportunity to use the developed infrastructure of Cologne, as well as a good investment solution in order to obtain a stable rental income.

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